My Original Song: One Man Standing

My Original Song: One Man Standing

A Poem by Summer Windton

Lyrics to my orignal song based on a reaccuring issue that is devastating our world: domestic abuse.

One Man Standing
   [Verse One]
I never knew, it could hurt so much. The games you play, the words you say. All I ever did, day to day, was made you happy, every day.
   But as I watched, each day go by, my every prayer, faded away. All I could do, was put you first, pray that someday, you'll let me go.
 Through the bites, claws, punches fights. Slaps, kicks, yelling, every night. I wish it could all just end. Never come back again.
   But I was a stupid girl, with stupid love on her heart. I couldn't bear, to see us break apart. Now I'm paying for my choice, never given a second chance. Now you see, where our love ends. With one man standing. One man standing. You just standing. You just standing. You just standing. One man standing, that's how it always ends; with one man standing.

  [Verse Two]

Maybe I had my expectations, set too high. All I wanted, ever wanted, was a real nice guy. But then I thought wrong, when you came 'long, thought you were the one. Didn't want no one, after ya.

[Bridge again]

   [Chorus Again]

[Second Bridge]
  I look down, from my place in the clouds. See you happy and smiling with another girl. Nobody, no one suspected a thing when you left me to rot in the woods last spring. I see my posters all around town, my momma still crying, my daddy left town. But you smiling, like nothing happened. Like nothing, happened at all.

  [Chorus Again]

© 2011 Summer Windton

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this is cool i like it :3

Posted 9 Years Ago

Thank you @Fabian G. Franklin.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Wow, this is just heartbreaking! I've got to tell you though...there is no such thing as "stupid love". Love is always good and kind and tender and honest and brave and lifts up never drags them down. Now anything that anyone calls love that hurts another or lies or acts mean is just a lie...its just that simple. So don't believe in lies. People who say "love hurts" are liars. Misplaced faith and believing in lies can hurt and hurt plenty! But love only knows how to heal and help...that's just what love is.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Summer Windton
Summer Windton

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A Poem by Summer Windton