Underneath the Same Sun

Underneath the Same Sun

A Poem by Summer Windton

Another poem, by me, Summer, to advocate against racism and sexism.


There are some people out there,

Both young and old.

Who look to other people,

With eyes like a hawk.


They wanna claw out their eyes,

Gut 'em like a fish.

Get rid of them.


Do what Hitler failed to do,

Do what the KKK couldn't do.

Do what rests in the crevices of their evil hearts,

Harm to others they seek to do.


They look to others with eyes of hate,

They seek out destruction.

Their hearts, so filled with hate.


But we are all the same,

African, Asian, and even Poloynesian.



From the borders of Mexico,

To the mountains of Germany.

To the African savanna,

To the American plains.


What they fail to understand,

Is so vaguely shown.

That we were all born, one by one,

Underneath the same sun.

© 2011 Summer Windton

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So true! Very well said...Great Write!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh, whoopsie dasie, thanks for the help!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh, and I don't think you mean to "advocate" or approve of and commend racism and sexism...the poem you have written says exactly the opposite; that you wish to abolish those things...so you might wish to rephrase your description. And then feel free to delete this comment...bless you.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh...this is beautiful...you should post it on a billboard as big as this world! Wish I could give it a 1000 rating! We are all the same...poor wretched creatures that we are...groping for the lightswitch in the dark...cold, lonely and hurting, trying to find peace in an angry world gone mad...can we find love for each other before the world fades into dust and our species crumbles in the ashes? I think the answer is for each of us to give. But here is my hand in friendship and my promise to try.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on September 16, 2011
Last Updated on September 21, 2011
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Summer Windton
Summer Windton

I'm like the wind. I come and go. Born of the wind, and I will go back, with the wind. Some write for fortune, some for fame. Some because of grief or envy. I write because it was my destiny. .. more..

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A Poem by Summer Windton