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Cars in Dubai put cars in any other city to shame, but the value proposition offered by a used Range Rover is simply too good beyond any doubt – be it in presence or performance.


Range Rovers are vehicles reserved for the elite. They are tough, look fantastic, and come loaded with every single feature you can think of. They are the epitome of what an upmarket SUV should be. While the market may currently be saturated by a lot of European SUVs, the used car market is a whole different story. Here we feel that the value proposition offered by a used Range Rover is simply too good to resist. Let’s start with why the used luxury car market in Dubai is a whole different world.   

The used luxury car market

The UAE is a place where people from all over the world flock for business and pleasure. And the one thing that marks your rep on the street is your car. Cars in Dubai put cars in any other city to shame. You will find every single exotic sports car and supercar on the streets of Dubai. So much so that after a point the sight of one will become normal.

Yet, driving one is a whole different thing than looking at one. This is true for all kinds of luxury cars. In Dubai, a lot of people come and buy these cars without much remorse for what happens when they have to leave. The result is a booming used luxury car market. Dubai is perhaps the only place in the world where a luxury car is “affordable”. As absurd as that statement sounds, it is in a sense true.

While it may not be economical in the sense that they still cost hundreds of thousands of Dirhams, the price of a used Range Rover is still far lesser than that of a new one. So, the market is there but should you buy one? And which one?

The test drive

You want to buy second-hand car and a Range Rover no less but which one? Well, there have been several generations of Range Rovers over the years the first iterations came out in the 1970s and there are still several cars on the road from that era. This speaks volumes about its durability. Since its inception, the Range Rover has only been completely overhauled four times, representing four generations. The most recent one is slated to launch in 2022. This gives you four generations’ worth of cars to choose from.

We suggest taking a look at either the third or the fourth-generation Range Rovers. They comply with all road and safety standards and come with features that a lot of modern cars still do not have. What’s more, you will get a car that looks the part of a luxury car and if luxury is indeed your top priority, you should look for the fourth generation Range Rover. It is perhaps the pinnacle of a luxury SUV and set the gold standard of what luxury in a big car should be. You might just get lucky and find a great deal on a used Range Rover at Sun City Motors. 

The verdict

The car is extremely fun to drive, it is luxurious beyond a doubt, the V8 is powerful and is built to challenge the conditions in cities like Dubai. The Range Rover nails the most basic things well. You will also notice the exceptional level of build. It is distinctly better than any other car in the segment and you will feel that the moment you step into it. While we love the used Range Rover, we believe that regular maintenance is key to ensure engine life and ride comfort when it comes to British cars.

Before you buy

The first thing you need to do before you buy a used Range Rover is to have a mechanic inspect the vehicle thoroughly for you. A used one may still be way cheaper compared to a new one but your pockets will bleed if you purchase a car with nagging issues. You can log on to numerous Range Rover forums where they have ongoing discussions about issues with their cars. The issues are often a common occurrence and people have listed their solutions. Nonetheless, you can approach the dealer from where you purchased the car for any service resolution.


By now it is abundantly clear as to how good of a purchase a used Range Rover is. However, you need to ensure that you take good care of the car and ensure timely service. No matter what, a used Range Rover is still a luxurious vehicle and should be treated like one, it will be a prized possession once it rests in your garage. If you are in the market for a used Range Rover, the collection at Sun City Motors, is sure to delight you even more. For the latest news, offers and updates, visit our website and follow Sun City Motors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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