What You Sow Is What You Will Reap.

What You Sow Is What You Will Reap.

A Story by Stephen J. Vattimo

An article discussing the success of an artist who was predicted to fail.

Well today was a day of Harvest for Andrew Newell Wyeth.
A man who dared to make a living as a fine artist. 
Now I make this statement as if it were out of the ordinary, because as I was young adult i was told artist starve to death and only become famous when they are dead. 
Andrew did not grow up hearing this doom and gloom from his parents. Instead His father Newell Convers Wyeth and his mother Carolyn Bockius Wyeth encouraged their children in their creative endeavors. 
Even thou it was in the Wyeth family children's favor to have nationally reconsidered ,and sought after after illustrator as their father and mentor. 
N. C. Wyeth who created over 3000 illustrations and still found time to pro-sue fine art. So all the Wyeth children were taught to be disciplined,and to work hard at their creative endeavors . N.C.Wyeth instructed three of his children in the discipline of art, , Henriette Wyeth Hurd, Carolyn Wyeth, 
Andrew Wyeth.
John McCoy, one of N.C.Wyeth students,stated that N.C. Wyeth was a tougher instructor,then the instructors he had at West Point U.S. Army officer candidate school. 
So part of Andrew Wyeth's success was the foundation his father laid in his life.
But Andrew N. Wyeth did not take the commercial illustration path that his father succeeded in.
Now , he set out to create his own artistic path,instead of riding on the coat tail of his father success. 
He even forged a head,to create his own artistic style of painting, his father told him would fail.
Andrew N. Wyeth separated him self from his father shadow by painting things around him that inspired him,and turning away from taking on commissions . Not like his father who made a living by commercial illustration.
One of the similarity between the the two,is they both worked tirelessly at their craft. 
Second,the art world critics, would never praise them for their excellence they displayed in their work.
Despite their rejection of the Wyeth family brand of art, Andrews N. Wyeth's original work is selling for six figures.
For his work, he has received some of the highest honors any living artist has received by nation. 
On July 12 ,2017 Andrew N. Wyeth's harvest has come in by being honored to have his work memorialized on a stamp.
What does the Wyeth Dynasty mean to me? 
Well, N.C. Wyeth illustration always amazed me with his use of color,historical detail,and drama. 
The first Andrew N.Wyeth painting that amazed me was his painting of tree roots and leaves . I believe it was done in water color and ink wash.
I also like some of his surreal art, like the painting of the skeleton siting in the captain's state room ,looking out the window," - Dr Syn (1981).
I also liked his painting of Karl Kuerner in a snow drift,"Spring" 1978.
I have always admired his dry brush water colors, and His egg 
How does Wyeth are influence Me. Well it encourage me to know and love my subject, record it accurately. Be disciplined,work hard at my art to prefect my craft.
Use color,lighting and shadows,drama to exist my views,and so that the viewer will try to discover the message the painting is trying to communicating to them.
Be original in style and subject mater, don't try ride in to success on someone else's coat tails.
Written by Stephen J. Vattimo 
July 13.2017

© 2017 Stephen J. Vattimo

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