A Poem by Swagato Saha

'Gainst furies of ghastly stars we'd flailed,
Through worldly waters of time onto moonlit shores;
Where we crawled, and rose in arms, unveiled,
Orders of opaque midst deepest soul.

We stood on brinks, knew thus sphere had spun,
Its trails transparent to the mountain's eyes,
They pale as plain pages to twilight's sun;
'Twas clear to pure Reason dear Beauty's demise...

"O' infinity surrounds in false heavens' stead,
And so life grows from within what's dead,
Witless, elemental, inert bits on grid -
It stands to pure Reason as always all did!"

"They change in ways as sane substance sure does,
In madness of forms yet ordained to these laws;
Are these then ends thy metaphors meet?
Are they lost or endless worse, thy poetry deceit?"

Unsurely time awaits a-ears, 'tis then Beauty spake,
"In wholeness of cause you deny fractious mistake;
Of everything that never was, you say 'It couldn't be',
Why then I, bearer of lies, appear yours truly?"

And tell-tale-signs call from many-a-miles ago,
To wander without past or fate we nameless shadows,
Dissolve in dark; vain this fleeting pulse follows,
Partial beings that loom in anxious afterglow.

© 2022 Swagato Saha

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The penultimate verse seems to be a refutation of the materialist view stated previously, but then the last lines sound like existentialism. Not sure what stance the poem is taking.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Swagato Saha

6 Months Ago

The first 4 stanzas conform to some kind of Spinozan Realism - transparency of Reason, or even a par.. read more
John the Baptist

6 Months Ago

Heavy stuff. Spinoza's Perennial Philosophy is enough for me.
Swagato Saha

6 Months Ago

Do try Kant if you are interested. It's relevant, to say the least, to modern science of the mind.

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Added on August 1, 2022
Last Updated on August 5, 2022


Swagato Saha
Swagato Saha

Kolkata, India

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