I quit

I quit

A Poem by Symplydymple

I racked my brains in search of words;
Words that will compare your eyes to the stars
And tell without lying that the stars envy
The spark your eyes produce when you smile.
I flipped over pages upon pages
Scouring, searching through dictionaries upon dictionaries
To find those suitable words
That will be in similitude with the dimples in your cheeks.
I came upon a word.
No two words.
Three actually.
Then another
And another.
More came and yet more.
Still, they did not speak of your beauty
The way they ought to.
They couldn't proclaim the complications of awe and elegance
That hides in the simplicity of your whisper.
The search still continued;
The search for the right words;
Words that could easily represent
The whiteness of your white teeth
And describe without a pint of inaccuracy
The brightness that it radiates.
Words that could bring to everyone's mind
The thrill that freezes my entire being into hearty admiration
Whenever I chance upon your giggle.
Oo if only I were a poet,
Say Shakespeare,
Or perhaps Alexander Pope
Then would I have coined new word
Or perhaps a well fitting expression
That when heard will make its audience
Nod in agreement
That I couldn't have described you better.
I searched! I searched! I searched!
Till futility, mere futility beckoned.
Till the sad realization that such words do not exist
Began to stare me in the face.
Now my head aches,
My hands are weak
From carrying heavy dictionaries
And flipping their pages over and over.
So my dear,
I quit!

Whenever you look at me and I laugh,
Whenever you ask how you look and I smile,
Just understand that I'm lost for words
And therefore describing you in my head.

© 2010 Symplydymple

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Aww I adore your write...there is so much of genuine candor in this piece...it is so simple and so breathtaking that all of us do understand without the use of heavy words...you just write it with an alacrity that is hard to ignore...you have written with all of your heart and it shows...the theme is extremely well executed...you do not lose grip on your theme,narrative line even for a second...and i think the mention of looking for words in the dictionary is really cute cause i remeber doing that so many times for writing impressive poems...but at the end of it i just write what comes to my mind...hence the best you can give away to your lover is spontaneous love...kind,benevolent and unfeigned.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 19, 2010
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