Tainted love

Tainted love

A Story by taylorrose

Her name was Gianna. She wore the most beautiful smile he ever did see. She was something special she never looked down she always held her head high. His name was Juan and he knew all evil. He wanted her like the dessert wants the rain. He wanted her beauty he wanted her soul. She never knew him, never looked his way, she never noticed him.she never cared. She was kinda shy but you wouldn't know it. She always smiled and that smile is what he fell for. He approached her carelessly. He approached her thoughtlessly and she just stared at him. He flirted with her. She was so accepting. She couldn't believe someone like him could love a girl like her. She never saw it coming. It came like a hurricane. The words she never thought she would ever hear so young. He looked at her as he lay upon the grass. He turned to his side and brushed her hair outta her eyes. He looked passionately into her big blue eyes. The words pressed out of his lips I love you Gianna. She stared openly at him in complete amaze. He looked away from her with pain in his eyes you don't love me do you? With love in her eyes she spoke the truth she loved him just the same. He kissed her so passionate and whispered ill never hurt you. She believed that she had found the one who would love her like there was no tomorrow. She never saw the changes that started to come. He began to ignore her. Shelter himself from her. She never knew it would come to this. He was always busy. She couldn't see him or talk to him. She loved him dearly so she stayed and believed he was truly busy. He came to see her she began to talk and he seemed to be agitated with her. She asked why and his response was I'm just saying. She asked him to pull over he wouldn't. She screamed if you don't love me just let me go. He yelled back I do love you. She gripped the wheel please slow down and he grabbed her arm tightly. Pushing it over to her lap. A bruise started to form and she looked at him with tears in her eyes begging him why. He goes cause I love you and love hurts the most beautiful flowers. He was going over the speed limit And she begged him to stop and she said I don't love you anymore. We can't be together. He punched her with his left hand in the face as he continued to speed. She could feel blood on her face as she desperately begged him to stop. With pure anger he looks at her if I can't have you no one can have you. She cried please I love you just slow down. It came so fast of the ramp that a semi plunged into the side of the car crashing and throwing the car into the air. She peacefully laid on the ground remember the word I will never hurt you. She laid motionless on the ground. He looked over at what he had done with no remorse in his eyes. The sounds of sirens wailed in the air. She slowly took her last breath.a white sheet over her body still gave him no emotion. He never loved her. He never carried. All need was to destroy her world. The words at her funeral poured from her distraught mother. Love is a brokened winged bird that can not fly. Love is caged inside us. Love doesn't fly free. A man who kills a soul isn't not only a monster but a murder. He was sentenced to 25 to life. He doesn't have to see th elain he caused because he also died that day not only did he take her but his own. With a note to his body that he perfectly wrote. I know the man I am and the man I want to be. I would have killed her if we didn't die together. I did love her just a little to much. She never knew I never ment to hurt her. Love is caged into our heart. It has no freedom.

© 2017 taylorrose

Author's Note

It may not be good but I'm trying to write more than just poetry please let me know what u think. Some of these details are real and some aren't.names have also been changed.

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Added on December 25, 2017
Last Updated on December 25, 2017



marshalltown, IA

you learn to live your life your way. you earn how to free yourself from your own demons. in the process you find love in the most delicate places. this is my life and I own it. more..

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