Some Things Are Off-Limits

Some Things Are Off-Limits

A Story by Brittany Ba

An older guy falls for a younger girl. It's forbidden love, but will he give in anyway?

He knows that it isn't possible. He knew it ever since he meet her. Does she realize yet? He sighs and walks away from the art shop. She always hangs out here, it's her favorite place. Why is that?
Of course he'll never know. Even if the age difference didn't split them apart like a fork in the road, he wouldn't have the courage to ask.

Who is he? Who is she? Who cares, but that the two are in a forbidden love.

He is 19, already out of school and on his way to university. She is 15, making her way through the degrading society of high-school popularity. 

Maybe there is a better way for her. She taps her pencil on the spelling test, not even caring as her mind drifts to other thoughts. Will he be at the art shop again? Should she ask him what his name is?
She shakes her head and turns her eyes back to the test. Better not to think about him.

3 days pass and his thoughts turn down a darker path. If it isn't possible for them to be together than it would be better if he left. Forever. There was a perfect way for him to disappear. 

3 days pass and she still thinks of him. She should talk to him, she knows that. But what if everything turns out wrong? She shouldn't turn against the fates.

Many scents meet his nose. Diesel, rubbish, people. There should be a more beautiful way for him to disappear. Sunshine air and sea breeze would be his perfect getaway. But instead he got dark fog and sewage scent. 

There's a story on the news. She watches it idly, occasionally looking down at her drawing. Wait... 
She looks closer at the T.V screen, trying to focus on the person atop the bridge. Could it be the same one? 

But it is. He stands atop a bridge, arms spread out as if angels will carry him away in their arms. It almost looks like he should be an angel himself.
She watches in horror as he stands there, ready to dive into the concrete water below. 

Tears stream from his eyes as he thinks of her. The same ones cascade from hers. Their forbidden love has carried them down this path.

Floating through the air, he is finally at peace. The wind seems to carry him through slow motion towards the water. Not the best way to disappear, but one way at least. 
Maybe he should have said something to her. But he knows that he shouldn't have. 

She watches him dive gracefully into the river below. It is obvious that he doesn't survive, though she prays that he does. 

If only he truly did have the angel wings she had dreamed he had; if only they lived in a different world. But this is not the case. 

True love dies as he hits the water. The only way for him to escape the pain was to leave. But what of her? Does he not think that maybe she would care if he was gone?

And so, one firelight is extinguished because of love that could pierce your heart with it's pureness.
Their love was so much, that one could not survive. 

© 2012 Brittany Ba

Author's Note

Brittany Ba
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I love the line about their age difference splitting them apart like a fork in the road. Excellent! i applaud you on your punctuation and grammar! So important, yet many writers disregard it. This story seemed a bit farfetched to me. To kill yourself over someone you have had a relationship with and know as well as one can, is a difficult scenario for suicide, but to kill oneself over someone he doesn't really know, hasn't talked to at all? It makes me think he was a bit off mentally to begin with. Obsession is a sickness, but obsession with a stranger to the point of suicide is very sick, indeed. I'm sure it CAN and has happened...

Posted 10 Years Ago

Brittany Ba

10 Years Ago

I might make a back story to it, or something like that, about their separate lives, but it just dep.. read more
Woah where do you come up with this stuff??

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow. Just, wow.

Posted 10 Years Ago

OMG this so amazeing! I almost cride by reading this! :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 30, 2012
Last Updated on April 3, 2012
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Brittany Ba
Brittany Ba

Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand

Hey. I'm a teenage girl with a weird imagination and who writes whatever comes into her head. I am slightly emo, which doesn't mean I am depressed. I like lots of things, including anime, fantasy book.. more..

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