Hercules, the Alley Cat

Hercules, the Alley Cat

A Poem by Bob B

Hercules is the alley cat

Who stalks the alleys at night

And climbs into the trash containers

To find a tasty bite.


“Cat food is a bore,” he says,

“And doesn’t suit my taste.

Besides,” he adds, “it’s silly to let

Good food go to waste.”


The local cats admire his skills

To manage on his own

And how he’s able to clean remaining

Meat off any bone.


Before the trash collectors come by

To empty the bins, ol’ Herc

Rummages through the open containers,

Keeping busy at work.


Rodents are no match for him

When he’s in the mood

To supplement his diet with

A fresher type of food.


“Residents don't,” he says with sigh,

“Appreciate us cats.

Because of our great diligence,

The streets have fewer rats.


“A problem nowadays," he laments--

“A definite no brainer--

Is how to manage when there is

A lid on the trash container.


“You must learn to be dexterous, agile,

Sneaky, snappy, and clever."

Some give up when they are challenged,

But Hercules will never!


It's said that Herc often receives

The blame for being a pater

After encounters with lady cats--

Sixty-some days later.


“I’m known for being promiscuous,

But that is just a rumor,”

He says with a wink to let us know

He has a sense of humor.


“It’s dangerous at night,” he says,

“For there’s a threatening owl

That flies in from the park, and dogs

Are always on the prowl.


“In order to survive in life--

You can take it from me--

You always need alternatives--

What you call Plan B.


“I am an expert at dodging and prancing;

My skills are hard to beat.

When YOU take a fall, are you always

Able to land on your feet?


"Fate has given me obstacles,

Which I call my 'Labors.'

If you don't believe me, well,

Just ask all the neighbors."


So Hercules, or Herc, if you will,

While not seeking fame,

Hopes that he, nevertheless,

Can live up to his name.


-by Bob B (2-10-20)

© 2020 Bob B

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Added on February 11, 2020
Last Updated on February 11, 2020