Your Time or Mine

Your Time or Mine

A Story by texasjane

A generation gap discuaaion.


“What are you doing out here all alone?  I thought all the little fairies were trying out your new wings today.”

  “I don’t seem to fit into their timetable.  My hourglass did not open when it was scheduled to so I have been closed off my century and did not wake up until the cat knocked the post that was holding it all up.  Nothing makes sense to me.”

“Give me an example.”

“Well, why do they ask you to dial a number on a phone that has no dial?  It is not just the phones, they have phones they carry with them, in their pockets.I see no pay phones anywhere.  Back in my day, you took a carriage ride to see a girl. Now you get into the fastest thing possible and then honk when you get there.  I am not sure you need a man and woman to have babies anymore.  I do not understand anything at this time.”

The little fairy suddenly jumps up and twirls around.  “The music is crazy too.  Now it is just how loud you are not what the words mean.  Can you hold someone in your arms while dancing... no you have to wiggle six feet away.  I do not belong at this time.  I will never fit in and I am not so sure I want to either.”

She continues as she is walking back and forth.  “People move too fast going nowhere important.  They do not take the time to find out anything when they visit with someone.  I watched a couple stop to see his grandmother.  He left a wrapped gift but did not care enough to go into another room and actually say hello.  Did they inquire about her health, how her day was going, or anything?  No.  Just, leave the package and split before anyone knows you came bye.

What has happened to this world during the last century?  I am going to get down off my soapbox so-to-speak and I want you to tell me what you like about this new century of yours.

“My, my.  You do have an opinion.  I have seen some wonderful developments and inventions come about in the last century.  It has made the world a much smaller place.  People talk face to face while they are thousands of miles away from each other.  Children can go to school and not have to leave their homes.  Parents must be diligent about what children are learning.”

“You must know some about the history of my century.  You know what I am up against.  How can I cope, how can I advise, how can I help anyone here if I cannot help myself?  I can’t console anyone if I agree with them.  The world is ruined.  Humanity has gutted the planet of all that is good and true about it.”

“Have they now?”

“Come on, take a flight with me.  I will carry you if you need me to, but you need to see some things you might have missed.”

“I think this is a waste of time.  I have flown all over, been made fun of, and laughed at, I don’t want any more.  I am ready to just stay here until my wings rot off.”

“Boy, you do need a little pick me up.”

“You secure back there?  Relax and your wings will fold into mine and we can both lift… here we go.  I am going to point things that are happening right this minute.  Then we will talk.”

“That breeze is wonderful. It smells like lavender.  Oh, look at that.  That little boy has rescued that dog from the street.  He is taking it to that lady, they both are getting it into the house.  She is trying to pay him.  He just gave her a peck on the street.  He is gone.  I wanted to watch him for a while, why fly away so fast.  Oh, I see… you mean he is homeless?  His sisters and family live in that cardboard box.  Did he turn down money?  It would have helped his family.

“Just watch.”

 “He has pulled out a lawnmower and is pulling it behind him.  He has stopped at one house and now he is mowing the grass.  He earned the money.  That is wonderful.  His parents did a good job teaching him.  Warn me before you take off so fast.”

“Where are you going?”

“Just watch.  Okay.  We are in a hospital?  So many people helping so many people.  So much pain and suffering.  There is kindness here.  Compassion and putting other first is all over here.”

Now, we have a few places to go.  Look down there.  Those young people put flowers on the graves.  How wonderful.  They have wagons full of flowers.  Over there at the edge of the drive.  I see someone giving that man the shirt off his back while he changes his flat.  He finished the tire then gave the man a couple of bottles of water before he left. He did not get his shirt back, I think he gave him the shirt.

Now, little one.  I want you to keep watching the century you woke up in and realize that mankind needs anyone who knows about kindness, compassion, and hope.  This is not about you.  It is about what is needed.  Mankind always needs hope, laughter, and love. 

“My wings are stronger now.  I am ready to take on this century.  Thanks for the tour.”

As you get to visit with family members from all generations remember there are many things that have not changed throughout the sands of time.  Embrace those things and learn what you can contribute right where you are.  Let love, laughter, and hope guide you.

© 2022 texasjane

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Added on January 27, 2022
Last Updated on January 27, 2022
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Hawkins, TX

I a retired Texas widow. I live alone with two dogs. I love to look for the humor in almost everything. I like to pass along a giggle when I can. Wisdom is also fun to pass along. I like to pro.. more..

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