A Poem by Ryan M. James

We are inherently bound to the fluctuating, rhythmic heartbeat of the universe.
The vibrations of life forming a cyclic equilibrium, the catalyst of existence.

Each void, each decision, each action resonates from the truest of life's laws; cause and effect, creating peace from chaos, insight from blindness, reasoning from deliberate misinformation, knowledge from experience.

Can such superficial and destructive actions such as 'hate' or 'fear' or 'greed' be unlearned?
Are we able to transcend beyond such spiritually unimportant behaviors?
If we are able then one might ask the question…. "are we ready?"

Globally we see so much undeserved pain created at the hands of those who steal undeserved praise.

An endless struggle, millions of souls slowly and needlessly dying... not only from war or starvation...

Not only from poverty or sickness, but from social and spiritual ignorance that is systematically teaching us to be dependent on control.

We are conditioned NOT to evolve, taught to bind ourselves to physical possessive unimportance.

We are as infants born into a world of danger and consequence, dependent on care being given, dependent on the actions of those who deliver us from the womb and place us in the first of our many graves.

From the crib to the tomb we rely on the perceptions of our inability to control and our ability to be controlled. Yet we each have a vision of personal freedom.

What is freedom?
Do we deserve freedom?
Does freedom even exist?

And the whole time humanity is clutching to the out-dated ideas of organised religion, ordained self-worthlessness, original sin passed on like a virus to all new life.

What an absurd idea, branding evil on that which has not yet lived.

Spiritual evolution does not come from a teacher or a piece of holy text; it does not come from institutionalized hierarchy or from the words of one man.

This next step in our evolution comes from within.

Physical evolution has always been triggered and manipulated by the exterior environment, by the three dimensional world our bodies dwell in... Cause and effect.

Spirituality however, is not bound to the physical, it is not a tangible manipulable resource, and it is not a medium that can be controlled or bound by outside influence.

It is the realisation of a universal consciousness; it is the thread of causality tying every living thing to one another.

© 2012 Ryan M. James

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Added on October 20, 2012
Last Updated on October 20, 2012


Ryan M. James
Ryan M. James

Brisbane, Australia

Ryan James, 29 years old from Brisbane Australia. I have always had a passion for writing, more so asking questions, especially on the topics of religion, psychology, philosophy, sociology and spirit.. more..