Vermillion Sky

Vermillion Sky

A Poem by ♣ Trinity Circus Freak ♣

Boots. Blade. Jason Mask. JB music ... to scare off the locals. Oops, sorry that was a murder list.


Vermillion Sky
By ♣ Trinity Circus Freak ♣

The golden Madeline guitar that only my imagination could provide and fueled played so beautifully.

Yeah I was daydreaming in detention again.

It made me laugh and wonder very peacefully but still left the room mundane.

I'm a very boring and an invisible person .

Yep I was the only one in the room except for a pie that someone forgotten to take home.

I often stared off to the sky.

The sky glowed a Vermillion Sky.

The word itself isn't real but such beauty couldn't be describe with earthbound words.

The sky promised,


None that I could never provide.

© 2012 ♣ Trinity Circus Freak ♣

Author's Note

♣ Trinity Circus Freak ♣

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Added on December 6, 2012
Last Updated on December 6, 2012
Tags: sad, boring, day, my, hair, is, messy, and, crude, terezi, fan, i, hate, x, match ups, but, love, terzi x dave, that's awesome


♣ Trinity Circus Freak ♣
♣ Trinity Circus Freak ♣

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