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   She looked up and a cat was practically flying out of a window in the dorms area. It was coming straight for her.
   This will not end well. I thought, throwing my bag onto the ground. Here goes then.
   She opened her arms, the cats claws spread out and she closed her eyes. It landed on her arms and she let out a piercing squeak when the claws dug straight into her skin. She grimaced, shivering, and put the cat on the ground, plying it from her arms. As quickly as she could, she grabbed the cat's collar and brought it back into her arms.
   "Evil thing," she said, laughing in pain. "What were you doing falling out of a window."
   A girl came out of the entrance to the dorms and ran to the girl that caught the cat.
   "Are you alright?" she asked the girl with the cat in her arms, the tail swishing back and forth almost confusedly. "I can't believe that happened! Did she hurt you?"
   "Yeah," the girl replied. "I'm fine. Just clawed my arms pretty bad."
   She handed the other girl the cat and pulled up her sweater sleeves, seeing almost a dozen marks on her arms equally. She shivered again, pulling her sleeves back down as small droplets of blood oozed out.
   The girl with her cat gasped, a horrified look on her face. She glared back up at the window she'd been yelling at and yelled again, "THAT'S IT! SOMEONE WAS HURT NOW AND YOU ARE IN SO MUCH S**T!!!"
   A disturbing giggle came down from the window. Someone came up to the two of them and had a cell phone in hand. Apparently this guy was calling the headmaster already.
   "I told you that girl was a bad one to settle with being your roommate," he said, "Oh, hello, Headmaster? Could you please send someone to come get a student in the east dorms? ...Yeah, you know who I'm calling about don't you? ...Yes, something has happened...No, not what you think, not like last time, a bit worse. She threw her roommate's cat out the window--"
   A loud "WHAT" came out of the earpiece of the phone and he had to pull it away from his ear to keep from becoming deaf.
   "Are you sure you'll be alright?" the girl asked her. "Those probably dug deep into your skin. Do you want me to take you to the college clinic?"
   "Nah, I'm sure I'll be fine," she said, smiling reassuringly. "It stings a little bit but I'll be ok. I'll just go to the local pharmacy and get some band-aids."
   The guy closed his cell phone. "The headmaster is sending some of the unviersity cops to get her. Hopefully she doesn't jump out the window herself in the mean time."
   Another giggle ripped through the window, louder this time and more delirious it seemed.
   "Um, what's your name?" the girl with the cat asked the other girl. "I'll make sure to tell the headmaster once we get to the office or something. You should probably go get that checked out right now."
   "Oh, I'm Naru," she said, picking her bag back up. "Naru Shota. I'll see you"
   "I'm Haruna," she said, smiling apologetically. "Haruna Maki. This is Sari over here, don't worry about his first name."
   She nodded and walked off. Her car was right there and couldn't believe she had a reason to go to the pharmacy today besides to buy more junk food.
   If I get rabies or something, she thought as she got in the car. I will do something horrifying to the one who threw the cat out the window. Wait, I don't think you get rabies from claws, right? Hmm...
   At the pharmacy Naru finds so many different band-aids she doesn't know what to think. She picks the simplest she can find and some antibacterial cream and gets out of the store as soon as she's done paying for everything.
   I wonder what was with the one who threw the cat out the window? she thought, chewing on a piece of gum from the pack she'd bought. Probably just psycho. Humans are so depressing and strange. Sometimes even more so than my own kind.
   When she thinks of her own kind, a person named Shane passed through her mind. She flinched, nearly jerking the shift on her car into park again as she reversed out of the parking spot. She concentrates and shivers and finally managed to pull into drive and get out of the pharmacy parking lot.
   Why does he have to bother me now? she thought, shaking her head angrily. Not cool. Leave me the heck alone already.
   She looked at the rearview mirror and found traffic normal as ever as she drove back to the dorms.
   She practically jumped out of her own skin and flung the pack of gum into the back seat. There was nothing there, of course, she was just hearing the memories out loud. Her doctor would be mad at her for even trying to remember things she shouldn't for the sake of her sanity.
   Why does this always happen? she thought, driving as carefully as possible so as not to wreck like she had the last time she started remembering. Why does this always, always, always happen?
   A loud ringing suddenly startled her and she nearly veered into the car on her right. She hurried past it and then swerved loudly, tires screeching, into the driveway that led to the parking lot in front of her dorms. A beep sounded late from a car that must have been the one that she cut off. She didn't pay much else attention after that.
   As she parked, she saw something glaring from her window at her. It nearly made her puke in nervousness it looked so angry.
   Who is it? she thought, shivering madly again. Please don't be who I think it is.
   A loud ringing penetrated her ears again and her heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest.
   "DIE!!" she yelled inside of her car. "LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY!"
   The thing in the window grew even angrier and suddenly she wasn't even in her car, she was in her sparsely decorated dorm room and the black thing on the window jumped off and scared the crap out of her.
   It was who she thought it was.
   "Well, well," it said, walking towards her. "Look what I found. You."
   "Sh-shut up," she stammered, sweat beginning to form in the elbow crease of her arm, on her back, on the back of her neck, the palms of her hands, even her armpits. This thing was making her increasingly nervous and pissed off by the second.
   "You shouldn't be here," it said, stopping at her feet and sitting down, green eyes gazing up at her. "That cat fell on you for a reason, you should remember that."
   She felt a vein in her forehead prick and her heart finally burst angrily.
   "SHUT UP!!!" she yelled, starting to look around for something to fling at the thing on the floor. "And change into a human form you dimwit! Looking at you like this doesn't make me feel any better anyways for the love of all that's good!"
   The thing giggled, and it sounded strange because it was a cross between a giggle and a purr. Yes, this thing she was absolutely infuriated with was in cat form. Its tail was wagging even more and it rubbed up against her legs sarcastically.
   "I will kick you into the ceiling if you don't stop that," she said, pulling out a pen and eraser from her pocket. "Now move before I fling something at you."
   "Oh, come now," it said, smirking at her. Another weird thing for a cat to be doing. "Why would you fling something at me?"
   She finally threw the eraser at it and it squeaked a meow while jumping back from the fling. Naru readied the pen and was about to throw it straight at the cat's forehead when it started emanating a black smokey glow and turned into a human man in a flurry of over-the-top and showy wind.
   "Do you always need to make a show of turning forms?" she asked, growling all the while. "Now what the heck do you need this time from me? I told you and the a******s at the Corner to leave me alone for the rest of the duration."
   "Sorry, no can do," he said, shaking his head and looking grimly at her. There was a twinge of something else in his eyes. It annoyed her that she couldn't figure it out. "I'm sorry but we need to talk to you back at the Corner. I don't know what they need you for but they do and I don't even know how long for."
   "Tell them to f**k off," she said, growing angrier and more agitated. "I'm trying to live like a human for a little while longer."
   She was not human, the cat was a sign from the Clan that she was needed but she hadn't tried to make a spectacle of a crazy human throwing a cat out of the window. No, cats weren't always thrown out of windows or walking in front of them for help calls, but rather cats were flashed into their minds along with the voice of someone from the Corner trying to contact her.
   Long explanation time!
   The Clan was a group of what humans called demons that turned into whatever animal they felt like. Naru of all of them definitely couldn't stand it when people called them demons, shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires, angels and especially the vampire part. She wanted to turn into a bull and ram them into a wall with sharp horns to make them regret that.
   They could change into humans because they were just that, animals, just with better thought processes. Once the Clan had acquired a human form and its attributes, they managed to keep all things in order the way they wanted to. Of course, had Naru been a wolf one second and then a bird the next she could recall what a wolf would do even though she was a bird. It was fun to her that she could think on different terms no matter what animal or thing she was.
   "Shane," she said, hands balling into tightened fists making her knuckles white as possible. "Get out of here now before I go all rabid monkey on your a*s."
   "Rabid monkey?" he said, and started laughing even harder than ever. "What are you going to do, fling poo at me?"
   "Tempting idea," she said, growing instead eagle talons. "Do not make me go and rip your eyes out instead."
   He stepped back a bit and laughed nervously. "Come now, you don't need to, you know, hurt anyone."
   "No," she said, stepping towards him. "I'm not going to hurt anyone. I'm going to hurt you if you don't leave. Go back to your gay b*****s and I'll keep on being with the lesbians."
   Did I forget to mention that most of the Clan was men? They're mostly gay because of it. Women were only introduced recently and are very, very few. The ones that do exist don't get along very well with the men because of a strange wave that was sent at them from the men whenever near them, sort of like a stench but it wasn't a smell in the physical sense.
   All the same, Naru was attracted to girls before she'd been attacked by an insane member of the Clan when she was only twelve and hadn't grown past the look of the age 19 because her body felt it had reached peak fertility.
   "Alright, fine," he said, and she retracted the talons because they were beginning to feel uncomfortable. "I'll tell them you're not up to it. They figured you might even enjoy the assignment. You had once said you'd rather do the type of thing they're asking of you than walk around bored like the rest of us for another couple thousand centuries."
   "Aw, come on," Naru said, gnashing her teeth, running a hand through her brown hair. "Now you're just messing with me. What is it?"
   He smiled and suddenly stood in front of her before she could notice anything was going on. He smiled down at her and touched her cheek.
   "Stop touching me or I will bite your hand off," she said, another vein on her temple popping almost quite literally below the surface of her skin. "Now. Idiot."
   He pulled his hand away and embraced her instead, making her want to put an arm into his insides through his abdomen.
   "We do miss you, you know," he said, resting his head on hers, being taller and all. His longer hair fell over her head and next to her ear. She'd forgotten how ridiculously blue it was. Always the outward kind of member of the Clan. "Why don't you at least visit?"
   Her insides suddenly fell to the floor-not literally-and she remembered the girl she had met a long, long time ago that was human and had just met Naru. She was everything to Naru but with all the animal instincts inside of her still new and hard to get a grip on from being human for twelve years, she could never be close to her the way she had wished. She was fifteen when the girl she'd known died of a car wreck and cars were still slightly new.
   She'd asked her in the wind at her funeral, "Why didn't you just visit me in the hospital? I was missing you."
   "Go away," she said to Shane. "I'm not in the mood to be hanging out with the Clan right now. I'm still going through the normal college life of a human girl which is supposed to be at least four years here. Leave me alone until then. I'm going to be holding a grudge as hard as ever until then. Maybe I won't be as maniacally mad at you guys by then."
   "It's going to be too late to help in four years," he said, Naru feeling his eyebrows bunch up on her head. His chest breathed human breath and her human nose touched it. "We needed you to help us with someone. do I say this so you don't try to hit me with your head?"
   "Ugh," she sighed, feeling her heart getting angry that all of this was coming in on her so randomly and out of the blue, so to speak. "Fine, just...tell me what it is. If it'll just get you out of the room."
   "Please don't hit me," he said, putting a hand on her head next to his face. "There's a new girl and none of the other guys know how to deal with her. None of the other women are in the country at the present time so we're kind of hoping you'll help take care of her."
   Naru stood so still she wondered if she moved that her human body might fall on the floor.
   The girl from Naru's past flashed before her eyes again and she realized that she was now trembling.
   The absolute un-want, for lack of a better word, that Naru felt about all of this was suddenly unlike her. She didn't know what to think. This kind of immense anger that was coming out of her insides was far more amazingly harsh on her than she thought a human was capable of. " came to me? You came to me even though I'm busy? Even though you know that I can't stand any of your guts?"
   "Please," he said, pulling back and looking at her in the eyes. "I'm going to be even more serious now. She's starting to rip people's arms off before we can even think to fight back. She's got reflexes as fast as you and remember how no one's as fast as you are."

(sorry this was so random x.x;)

© 2009 Solis-Lopez

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@. e ack... Sounds a lot like an anime flick... ._. Not too shabby though, but not of "literary merit" as Ms. Pewthers likes to say a lot. xD

Some technical things you might want to reread and rewrite, and if you're anything like me... you won't! xP but the "she", "she", "she"--gets a little muddled as to what ante cedes what. The part about the girlfriend that died in an accident is not exactly clear to me.

Um... would be much easier if I could print this and write on it >.< Not that there is much wrong, I just love all the ideas you've thrown in. ( " )d Can't wait for the next one.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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