To Love Is...?

To Love Is...?

A Story by Solis-Lopez

i have no idea xD SPURT OF NONSENSE!!!


I thought of this the other day
What does it mean exactly, to love?

I hear from my mother that to love is to give yourself entirely to someone
I can't think that that's possible anymore in today's world.
Nobody seems to trust anyone anymore,
   I don't see them holding hands for longer than a few months if not two years.

I hear from my conscience though that to love is a whole different level of living.
It means that you live not only for yourself,
   but that you live for someone else's sake as well,
   that you live to please them so that you please yourself with that end result.
In a way,
   to love is to live for more than just your and the one who you want to live for,
   it means to live for the souls and minds of others than yourself.

Seems a little trivial at times to me,
   but I'll see what happens down the road at some point.
At that point,
   I'll know,
   and I'll be glad I didn't know before then,
   because I like surprises.

© 2009 Solis-Lopez

Author's Note

it's not so much a poem as a narrative
marriage is a bit overrated to me because i've seen some pretty bad ones and even seen the really good ones go through the worst trials ever put before the couple. but we'll all see different things happen in the future now won't we?

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Added on October 21, 2009



Houston, TX

Well it looks like I'm in college, writing and drawing in my spare time. I'm not much of a writer but it gets me going and I like to just sprawl ideas out wherever I am. more..

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