No Borders

No Borders

A Poem by Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)

This is my Earth
I inherited it upon my birth
So no person holds the right to place borders
Then to tell me where I can and cannot go

Freedom of speech
Unless you are going to say something that may offend
Freedom of movement
Dependant on a birth place lottery

Those who come to this country
We label them immigrants
Yet we do not own this land
Who are we to direct the flow

When did we exchange freedom for immunity of blame?
Handing over our power to an elected few
Whos lives are lived by staff, children raised by nannies
Politicians and Kings with no idea of life yet govern it

How can such a minority represent such a majority

Like sheep we graze in our master’s paddock
Our heads and eyes hung down
To afraid to stand up and use our voice
For fear of standing out, of being ridiculed
In denail we mutter 'I am not to blame, it’s this world’

Just one voice can create a million echoes
Truth can spread like a forest fire
Detoxing the souls our inaction has contaminated
We are just too ignorant to the larger impact of our actions

This is the peoples earth
Stolen away from us by our fears and selfishness
Our beautiful wings of life
Clipped by the very people whom we made our masters

I am ashamed to see the prison we have created
We had been given sight, we chose to close our eyes
We had been given consciousness, we chose denial
We had been given life, we chose existence

Borders and Governments bring about the wars we suffer
Intolerant to difference, understanding and sharing
Too many following a religion that tells them what to believe
No thought for self creation

I will remember,
How God was on every side
I will remember,
How those declaring never fought

We are a kept society
Fed plump on lies and disinformation
This was our earth
And now we are struggling to simply afford the rent

Copyright 'The Human Voice' 2012

© 2013 Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)

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I really like the last stanza here; it holds a very...i dont know how else to say it so sorry for sounding like a dummy...true truth in that people just kind of go with things and never seem to question why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. I really like the bit about how people are struggling to afford rent because not only is it the truth, and people can barely make enough money to live, it's almost like a metaphor for how humanity is ruining this planet that is our home and we are struggling to live on what the planet is giving us anymore. Great job, Mark :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on September 25, 2012
Last Updated on November 11, 2013
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Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)
Mark Anthony Games (Human Voice)

Worcester, United Kingdom

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