A Poem by Sean Eddingfield

It is alive... like fire and water and light... the darkness breathes.


Not a hint of dark

when I was born.

Blond hair, blue eyes

no trace of scorn.

Trusting soul

yet trust departed

before my second year...discarded.

Left alone, not to know...

upon the winds of fate to blow.

What happened next I don't remember...

I've boarded up that dark december.

Whatever wish that darkness granted...

seeds of hate and vengance planted.

Darkness spread

to hair and eyes

and blue gave way to cloudy skies.

My adopted parents thought it strange

how drastic my appearance changed.

Before you think the worst

just wait...

It was not them,

they were not late.

But I think, came just in time

to set the battle and start the rhyme.

They were the only good I had

they taught me how to shun the bad.

My parents they were not the cause

they did not instill the flaws.

And to this day I know not why...

nothing that they did not try.

Nothing that they did not say...

and yet the darkness had it's way.

© 2009 Sean Eddingfield

Author's Note

Sean Eddingfield
More to come on this one... i think it's gonna be long.

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Really nice description on this with a foreboding tone. Favorite lines: What happened next I don't remember...I've boarded up that dark december.

Nice job on this one.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I really like this. It's a bit sad, yet it tells a raw story.
Keep up the good work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Brilliant. The words are so vibrant...The feeling so very real. The form is excellent,the flow is impeccable. I hope you do indeed make this longer just so I can come back and read it again.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Wow, That was gorgeous. Beautiful description, wording and emotion.
The feeling that comes out of this piece is tragic. It's something you can't stop or lose.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 24, 2009


Sean Eddingfield
Sean Eddingfield


Towering heights and abysmal depths and a litte of the life in between... but mostly... mosty... of what I speak is of those who are unseen... But save some fear to hold onto... you can't see them, b.. more..