A Poem by Theta S. T.

I'm practicing my non-cursing skills...just something I'm feeling today not too deep


I am your pawn

Your puppet

Pull my strings

Puppet master

Contort me

Control me

I dance only for you

My puppet master

My controller

As my mind flows freely

My limbs follow your fluid movements

But my soul is on another plain

And moves to another tune

As you pull my strings

And guide me along the path you chose me to follow

My strings are slowly breaking

My heart wants to dance on that path I do not know

That path is the screaming at me to cut the strings

Chose my own path

Even as the strings slowly break

It’s my puppet master that I can not leave

What would happen if I leave?

What would my puppet master do?

My master manipulator

Sweet whispers to my ears

I want to believe my puppet master

My master manipulator

My controller

As my strings are pulled in the direction you chose for me

But that path is calling me shouting and screaming

Telling me to cut these damn strings

Dance to my own heart beat it screams

Those strings are ready to be cut

Those strings are ready to break

Your heart wants to be free

Don’t you want to choose your own path?

Don’t you want you move to your own soul?

My puppet master I ask you to let me go

My master manipulator I ask you to free me

My controller I ask you cut these strings

Sweat whispers in my ear

You’re not ready

You would know how to be free

You could be able to function without me

The war is brewing

What they call good vs. evil

But I see no difference

The battle is commencing

All forces fighting for me

Over me

And I can’t choose

My puppet master

Or what the path calls freedom

The choices are there but I just don’t know

How can I choose one without losing the other?

I’ve never tasted the sweet breathe of freedom

Its words are enticing

Sugary sweet like a hot fudge sunday on a hot day

But I need more I need comfort

I need the confines of something stable

I need the assurance that if I fall I will still have someone to hold me up

I need…

I need…

I need…

I’m not sure

But the battle continues….

© 2011 Theta S. T.

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Love the flow, the style, it's all amazingly raw and real. Great job!

Posted 2 Years Ago

I love your style man. So real. The ability, strength, foresight and faith to be exactly who you are without any regard of consequence. The path of the great person. Keep walking Queen.. you are beautiful. Excellent write. Love your spirit

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on July 5, 2011
Last Updated on July 5, 2011


Theta S. T.
Theta S. T.

San Antonio, TX

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