A Summer Adventure of Zibbiezat

A Summer Adventure of Zibbiezat

A Story by thyra

a short story written by Zibbiezat herself about one summer adventure of a young girl named, Zibbiezat, and finding a great whale shark by the sea.




     This summer I promised to be special. As my mom parks our red car by the broken fence, I can already hear the breaking waves along the coastline: swishing, swooshing and sloshing. I welcomed the sounds of the sea, which are so nice to hear. It is in its bluest color ever. I love it!

     My name is Zibbiezat. I am 13 years old. Each summer my family visits our Cape Cod style vacation house situated beside the beach of a, really, far province. We cook, play and swim all day. I even made a poem for it:


The Coastline is Breathtaking!


Today, I visited the beach.
Sapphire sparkles in its tides,
mileu of the sun setting,
I enjoy my summer kisses.
Looks like a scene I could paint on
a big canvass with shades blushing.

The coastline is sweet, breathtaking!
Who can ask more in living life?
Rocks and sea shells are scattered.
Shimmers, glitters can all be seen.
I touch the whitest grainy sand
        in my hands and share thoughts alone.       

I left home with my hopes and dreams.
This summer season is windy.
It blew away fond memories
at the blue cape cod style house.
It stands still at a near  
eyesight along the quiet coastline.



     Today, Dad will be cooking a tea brew, an original recipe of my great grand mother. I can now smell it boiling and steeping, as I enter the big wooden double doors.

     “Wow! The table’s all set. Thanks for choosing my favorite mantel and plate Mom!” I hollered out from the living room. It was covered with an orange checkered cloth, the plates and its mats were matching perfectly with a green apples theme.

     All was really cool, I thought. This is going to be a really great summer! But, there is one thing I needed to do before I take a dip in the sea, wearing my cute yellow swimsuit. Situated at the top of this Cape Cod style house is a small attic. Old, dusty and antique cherish possessions of my family, during our past vacation trips, are found in here.

     Dad’s fishing books, Mom’s joy in gardening magazines and my forest fairytales with a picture book on the different breed of fishes ever found were place along a group of antique designer boxes, which are in different shapes of square, triangle, rectangle and circle. They were all stacked at the corner of this wonderful room.

   An old teddy bear, which was a birthday gift from grandparents, when I was only one year old, even sits on a rickety rocking chair. I rummaged and found my dotted bathing suit, stored neatly in an orange with blue flowers box. Quickly, I put it on, run downstairs and went to outside, where the front porch was.

     I just remembered, Dad was asking me, if I could water the plants here. Five pots were blossoming with flowers in different colors of pink, violet, red, yellow and white. Two are hanging, while three are placed on top of the porch banisters. There was a green watering can near the short steps. I picked it up and begun watering them while humming.

     Finally, I took my trip to the beach. I leaped over the waves and took a big dive about five feet from the shoreline. While, I swam deeper down the deep blue sea, the water felt cold, but started to get warm as I get closer to the bottom.

     When I got to the floor line of the sea, blue, orange and red starfishes scattered across the sands and there were corals everywhere. Also, several types of fishes in schools were swimming in front of me. I named three breeds: gold fish, angel fish and blue rings. Their age is maybe five months old.

     I thought, I wish I had brought a waterproof camera with me to take a snapshot of such a colorful scene. Everything was so breathtaking! So, I took three very small starfishes, which fit perfectly just at the palm of my hand, and placed all of them inside the net which I carried all the way from the shoreline. One is blue, the other is orange and the last one is red.

    I swam a little further along the floor line. I was really enjoying my time! I was able to find two empty seashells. Both have combination colors of white and brown on the outside, then a shiny blend of pink, purple and orange hues can be found at their inside. I placed all of these in the net, too. The intricate design of the seashells looked fantastic!

    At last, it was time to go up and home. I blew three bubbles out of my lips to relax my breath. As soon as, I was already swimming near the sea surface, I felt that something was poking at my lower back. At that moment, I also heard a little of low whistling sounds, “tootoot” and “hoohoo.”

    I turned around. Behind me was the biggest fish I ever saw in my entire life. I saw a huge whale shark! Oh! How big is his head! How large are his spots! His tail is even bigger! Silently laughing, I thought, this whale shark sure do has the largest stomach in the world. He was so hungry he ate almost entirely all the fishes at the sea. I was even more surprised when I got to swim toward him, gave him a hug, he did not nudged a bit and ate even more fishes.

    We played all day long. Spending my vacation at the beach is superb, thanks to the big whale shark!







© 2014 thyra

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Added on March 28, 2014
Last Updated on March 28, 2014
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I am a writer and artist (aside from being a model,) with passion for sketches, proses and poetry, who loves chocolates, apples and blue jeans. (living with autism) more..

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