I am a Writer

I am a Writer

A Poem by TJ

Words are Powerful as are the Wordsmiths


I am a Writer



I am a Writer


The creator of men

The destroyer of worlds

I can shackle the strong

I can liberate the weak


I am a Writer


With my thoughts I mold planets

With my words I wield power

With my pen I shape lives


I am a Writer


I am an immortal

With my words come permanence

My body may rot

But my spirt lives in


I am a Writer


Maya Angelou said words are things

And my words are things

The stuff of life

The primordial ooze from which all things originate


I am a Writer


The pen is mightier than the sword, at least mine is

Because my pen can become a sword

“this guy stabbed that guy with a sword”

See, I told you


I am a Writer


Do not doubt my power

I can create a beautiful world

“A vast expanse of green covering the rolling, hilly plains. Unkept grass swaying gently in the steady, summer breeze; waving and rippling like the waters of a massive but gentle lake under warm zephyrs”

And then I can burn it

“and it burned”


I am a Writer


I can give you a perfect life

“he had a great job, gorgeous mansion, beautiful wife, and three wonderful sons”

Just to take it away

“but the tornado destroyed his house, killed his family, and he fell into depression”


I am a Writer


I can kill you all

“Everyone logged onto WritersCafe died”

And resurrect you

“then they all came back”

Without you even knowing

“and they never knew”


I am a Writer


And when I leave you on that cliffhanger

Literally, a cliffhanger

“His legs dangled over the seemingly bottomless pit beneath him. The jagged rocks of the Cliffside tore at the skin on his chest and stomach. The agony was almost too much to bear. The pain in his fingers was unimaginable; a deep, fiery burn, begging him to relieve them of their duties. They could not be relieved, though, because their relief meant his death”

I could save you

“Then, in a sudden burst of strength and adrenaline, so strong it seemed like divine intervention, he found the strength to pull himself up.”


But I’m not that kind of Writer


Embrace your power

© 2011 TJ

Author's Note

We are ALL WRITERS do not just review this but once you do, ADD TO IT
Show us your POWER!

Hope you enjoy this, it'll be my last poem for a while, alas i am just not a poet!


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Featured Review

I am a writer because it allows me the freedom to express
I am a writer and I do it to impress
I am a writer because it relieves my stress
I find when I'm writing I'm at my best

I create characters in a situation
Which requires a little contemplation
Will they eat or suffer starvation
Some may die or achieve salvation

Writing was the only tool
That helped me to survive my school
The bullies in my world were fools
And I made sure I broke all the rules

I enjoyed your piece and have added to it - it is unrefined and a quick write but in there is a little of who I am and why. The whole story is much larger than the sum of its parts though.

A poet is someone who expresses and you have done so, it may not fit into a category but so what - who wants to be pigeon holed.

Keep up the good writes.

Posted 13 Years Ago

10 of 10 people found this review constructive.


You are a writer and write you shall. With pen to parchment to paper and quill. Beneath the storm and over the hill. This, that which is the frill we the writers who call to mind the chill of air sucked in cold from winters icy bight. We froth at the mouth and fome for our bight because we the writers will always fight. I too am a writer and my pen burns ink into that black and smokey night, the candle by which lights my parchment to see me write, keeps also the flame to inspire my quill to fill this void lest our words be destroyed by the flame. Keep not the candle too close to fire but keep forever the fire in your heart. We the writers burn page after ashen page to get of our chest what weighs our minds.

Posted 10 Years Ago

I am a writer, because thats what I know
sprinkle a few verbs , reap what I sow
toss in a few adjectives, adverbs and such
cover with imagery , hoping to touch
a nerve
a heart
a memory
I am a writer

Posted 11 Years Ago

Alright! You got it! Now, I will have to show that writer power too!?

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is a very good piece which causes one to smile while reflecting throughout. What a concept. Simple but so true. Kudos.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Wow! Your words strike the reader with clarity as to the truth that u in fact are a poet!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I would disagree that you are a poet. YOU ARE A POET. Yes.

Posted 11 Years Ago

You have created something inconceivably wondrous, with more psychological flourish than a whole flock of freaking Freuds...

For I am a writer, that may act as Gods, dreaming the myths of my conceptual children and without a thought, end Universes, when I desire to st...

Posted 12 Years Ago

"and they never knew"
brilliant :)

I am a writer.
An accomplished
-- amateur.
See? For now,
I'm stuck:
I can rarely do
when I'm
expected to.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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