the smell

the smell

A Poem by Tinasha LaRayé

inner conflict; outward consequences - abortion.


How can I vote no

When my body voted yes

But how can I vote pro

When my heart changed its quest


Traveled to infinity and beyond

And stepped outside myself

I let them suck - me - dry

I am a victim of suicide


Sitting body bold

I sliced memories before moments old

Picked up the knife and cut the umbilical-cord-cold

3 weeks knowing

And 3 days showing

Purpose-driven life began to fold in around me

Looking only at myself

Thinking only of myself

No one chucked, ducked, or tucked better

So I chose who got my wealth


Time taking the front seat-seat belts fastened

In for a ride with no u-turns in sight

Flying 60 over and no police waving right nor wrong

No sign posting wrong nor right

Just me and this flight

Fighting the temptation to






And walk away


But never giving in

Traveling infinity miles into a black hole

Escaping nothing, not even my conscience

The telltale heart


Barely running beyond

Cause the heat is on my tale

I find the closest dagger

Extend then impale

Womb imprisoned

Blood made bail

And the smell…

Time ejects seat

Car racing

Heart pacing


And the smell


Wonder if I’ll make it to heaven?


Wall meets car

Car meets crash

Crash sends glass into my face

Like a cool breeze on a yesterday morning

Air bag released

Takes my breath from me


Laying still & running wet

Dangling by a strand of grace

In the zone and on my own

Just me and my afflictions

Burden lifted

Absent repentance

Just me ripped




Spirit gone wild

I hold myself loosely

Close my eyes and throw

As far away from any memory I’ve ever known

Suicidal abandonment

Long walk home


Still walking

And the smell slowly goes

Blood voted yes

I vote no



© 2011 Tinasha LaRayé

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Hmm...this is an interesting journey of an inward conflict. At times I was confused. I thought it was abortion, suicide, and suicide murder. Then again doesn't all of the good poetry from ancient past make you stop and really think about what the author is saying. This is another one of those tough subjects that most people are going to avoid. You did a good job with it.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on November 11, 2010
Last Updated on March 16, 2011
Tags: time, death, pain, pro-choice, smell, stench, voting, decisions, regret, abortion


Tinasha LaRayé
Tinasha LaRayé


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