Therapeutic Free Write

Therapeutic Free Write

A Poem by Tinasha LaRayé

just needing to get thoughts out in some form. it's eating me up.

hold me captive
to my fears
held behind bars
of tears and trembling lips
it wasn't supposed to be like this
but the visions of my night
bled into daylight
and i am facing the demons
head on
a disagreeable relationship
they said
a black shirt was all i saw
no hurt felt or presence feared
just a color and a smirk and an attempt
to dissect my dream and make coffee
2 lumps of sugar stuck in my throat
and i'm speechless
guilty as charged
i run from my deceitful past
only to collide head on
why did i work so hard to be so different,
when i became the same me i no longer wanted to be?
and the dream haunts me
spiraling staircases that lead to nothingness
i traveled alone and on no mission to accomplish no-thing
but i was traveling
up up up and away from everyone
even him
it seemed as if i was heading to Him
but not even Him was in my psyche
I was playing
everything was carefree
a joke
and nothing serious enough to get me to care about who i was inconveniencing
games and sleep
that was my agenda
and as i laid down to shut my eye
destruction was my pillow
a spider of the widow hue
orange and white
and valiant
and bold
and hellish in all it's stature
came to devour little ole me
and me
and i was no match
and dreams became realities
and i am no match for the tragedies that are before me
running from truth
and landing on traps of secrets
isolating myself from loved ones
loved ones following me to each level
but not welcomed
wandering and wondering
thought not of 
but wanted near
rudely asked to wait
for me to get myself together
i travel up up up and away
and it's not what i want
but my actions say different
it's not what i want
but i come not down to reality
up in the clouds
where only i can feel my destined breeze
but those below see my distant free fall to my untimely demise
spiritually - all spiritually
symbolic for my now
i failed to dissect
pray up and protect myself from the enemy
tied tightly around his little finger
i became his prey
and bare bite wounds where he tried to devour
and soon there comes an hour of redemption
and i pray
my prayers are not too late
i pray
God's mercy is not too jaded from my misuse
i pray
the hour is full of clear pupils
and teachings of righteousness
to make right the etchings of my left
i pray forgiveness not bereft of a hearty meal
and have enough strength to endure the moment
i pray
for dreams to wake me up
and spiders to die and dry up
and authority be back in the hands of the living
and not those destined for fiery swimming pools 
vacationing no more in my life
i pray
time, truth, and love
make it all right

© 2011 Tinasha LaRayé

Author's Note

Tinasha LaRayé
just a free form write off the top of my head. i often do this as a writing exercise to get thoughts flowing before writing an actual poem. let me know your initial reaction.

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I Love it you free flowed it...I do these same exercises with a few poet friends, oh well, I use too...I just do it on my own. I enjoyed how you rifled each line from this stream of conscience. Superb work.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 31, 2011
Last Updated on December 31, 2011
Tags: forgiveness, writing exercise, venting, love, peace, dreams, relationships


Tinasha LaRayé
Tinasha LaRayé


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