The Nightmare Prince

The Nightmare Prince

A Book by TopHatGirl

Adam Shipton is just your regular football player who's content to blend into the background. Unfortunate that his father is a genius and has invented a way to travel into nightmares.


© 2013 TopHatGirl

Author's Note

This novel is unedited, unfinished, and a little rough, but that's no excuse! Be a tough as you want.

FULL DESCRIPTION: Adam Joan Shipton's father runs a small basement company wherein parents pay for him to take away their kids' nightmares for a large fee. Adam really wishes this was some fancy way to say "his dad is a therapist or whatever", but unfortunately, that's far from it. IntueriCo allows certain people to plunge into the fear of a child and defeat whatever is inside, using advanced technology and some rusty sword to hack through the boogymen. Adam is the only employee, with his dad being in a wheelchair, so he's the one who has to fight off the ghoblins and ghosts that rest inside our subconscious. Adam's just trying to get a football scholarship so he can get away from daily adventures and crazy historians and escape to some mundane college on the coast. But recently, Adam's been getting nightmares of his own. And he's not so sure his sword can kill this one.

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Added on May 20, 2013
Last Updated on May 20, 2013



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