ninety five words

ninety five words

A Story by TopHatGirl

three brief stories



The universe is infinite, and I am falling into it. The world decided that I was too unhappy, so it had me falling amongst the stars and dust into a world where I truly belonged. Somewhere where everything was perfectly crafted to be the kind of place where someone like me could fit in and finally be elated. As if it was made with such care that no one could possibly deny its vast wonders.

I landed, and I knew that this was for me.

“Hello, and welcome to McDonald’s.”

Ah, yes. The perfect world.



“So, um, how do you suck on it?” she asked me, her voice low and timid. She was a lesbian, and had never dared to ask the question before. I had a boyfriend, making me the “expert”.

The sun was beating down on the both of us, with summer just kicking in.

“Uh, I guess you just start off with the entire thing…” I trailed off, and wrapped my lips around my cold popsicle, engorging it. “Then…”

Making perfect eye contact with her, I bit the treat in half before swallowing it whole.

“Just like that.”



He could admire nice hands. It was a weird thing to admire, but he found himself staring how fingers could drape over a pencil or fumble of a piano.  A language in different form.

The person he first held hands with had callouses that hardened as mountains climbed over and over again. 

Maybe he liked them because his mother would draw them studiously, with rough lines and colors.  

Maybe it was because his were twisted and fragile, wrecked by early arthritis.

If he could love others hands, maybe he could learn to love his own.

© 2013 TopHatGirl

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let's see if I may paraphrase....
Super Size Fries
Honoré de Balzac

You never cease to impress me TPG.
Of course you are going to send me an autographed copy of your first edition... right?
Nice range, very nice.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Hi, I'm TopHatGirl! If you're here about my character lessons or to get some advice, email me instead of messaging at [email protected]. This is because I don't go on this site as much anym.. more..

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