How Many KiloWatts Does Your Soul Emit?

How Many KiloWatts Does Your Soul Emit?

A Poem by transentience

Pouring sweat in tension--vexed
The pressure vents my blood
To fill the cold and still thinning air
With a crimson tinted fog

My fingers--forged and seared--tear flesh from cage
Of bones that break the silence
To bare the absolution of my still beating heart...

Through mass-warped space
I reach and form
A fist around the vehement sun
Smothering the tyrant
In it's own begotten light...

Through me the sun meets desert sand
As two in one we melt the end
And mold the glass before again
When the scene began
While viewed behind the shadowed
Breaks between Venetian blinds
Where beams of light traced the grounds into a dusk-lit fringe

Electric brains tell a vision
Of conductive waves connected
To the collective stream of our unconscious;
A predetermined prophecy, fulfilled,
Seals the fate of those who dream
Wayward and without limit...

The moon emerges past the horizon--between the darkness and violets in the timeless fields of where I crawled from off the ground. An Earthly grin is found in disbelief...

And though I wander--here, alone--
My path, unclear, but heart, sincere--
The only truth I've ever known
Found in you

Without your wisdom I could not know how or why, or where, or when to look for what becomes--transcendent beauty--ethereal. But through the mauve--translucent, cold--on hallow grounds of befallen soul, a resounding calm of angels whisper (ineffable, yet sedative with vibrations that caress) only feel that you've grown old because you burned too hot and bright, leaving all of who have seen and felt your light disillusioned to the very notion of sight, not blind, but struck in an awe that paralyzed, mouth agape and pupils wide, the world rendered inarticulate by trying to define your allure; the longing from the slightest glance, the wonders deep within your stare, the paradigms of subtle bliss emitted from the ocean waves that shimmer through your spectral hair.

Your spirit--free--your heart--divine--our vicarious ways; bring tears to me when you can't cry...true empathy...mourning for a moon that fades into the break of dawn

© 2018 transentience

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"And though I wander--here, alone--
My path, unclear, but heart, sincere--
The only truth I've ever known
Found in you " I loved this piece. It's visceral and breathtaking all in one.

Posted 2 Years Ago

damn! i am dimmed ..such a heavy lead upon me in reading ...sheesh! this scene and characters reminds me of Steven King's "Wasteland" and the main character the Gunslinger ... so desolate ...the sun and sand melting into "glassy scape" ..wonderful! lots of vivid imagery ... a definite read again and again for me give me a little bit of creative relief in your closing ..but precious little ..i am so thirsty ..and parched ... what a dark and passionate tale

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on December 2, 2017
Last Updated on April 27, 2018



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