So Close

So Close

A Poem by twylight999777

I'm tired...

You act almost like nothing happened last week
and part of me is relieved that our friendship seems fine
but a deeper part of me struggles not to let tears leak
because I still simply wish that you would be mine. 

Don't think I haven't noticed that you are more careful now
you are more cautious with your actions, what you do and say
when you think I'm not looking I see the crease of your brow
you don't want to hurt me anymore and this is your way. 

And all of this is fine as long as you don't go away
I did not mean to cause you stress or pain
I did not want things to end up this way
I just needed to share what was plaguing my brain. 

Thank you for remaining my friend
I know that I've complicated things a bit
I just need some more time to mend
to see if my feelings will ever quit. 

But I fear they will may be here to stay
and then what will become of us
will you decide then to go away
or will we simply sit and discuss?

I foolishly hold on to some slim hope
that you will someday like me back
even though I know it's a slippery slope
I don't know how to cut it slack. 

I guess I can't know what lies ahead
so I will be grateful for this time with you
however for now I must go to bed 
and hope no new feelings break through. 

© 2015 twylight999777

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Added on October 21, 2015
Last Updated on December 8, 2015
Tags: friend, love, crush, hope




I don't write as much as I used to. I've been busy with college. However, I still love writing and poetry. Please don't steal any of my writing. It is my emotions and life on paper. It belongs to me a.. more..