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He ran madly towards me his eyes were bloodshot and full of terror,

“For gods sake if you value your life don’t let it in!” he continued to the exit all the while screaming to not let it in, his warning had failed to deter me for it had only made me more curious about the strange event that had caused the poor man to go insane.


 As I turned the corner I noticed a small child just standing there in the middle of the corridor, her face was obscured by her jet black hair. As I approached her she stood still as if she was made of stone, cautiously I edged towards her I was roughly two metres away from her when I noticed that she was holding something very tightly in her left hand

“Are you ok?” I said sounding more afraid than I wanted to instead of an answer she lifted her right hand and brushed the hair away from her face. I froze.


“Why have you come here little boy?” she hissed, her voice was that of some one much older. I couldn't answer my throat went dry and my lips refused to move I just stood there staring at her blood covered face her skin seemed to be torn in several places and the skin that was still on her face kept flashing between a unhealthy pale white and almost completely transparent.

“I ask you again why have you come here little boy?” she spoke to me as if she was my elder though she couldn’t have been she looked around twelve yet she called me a seventeen year old a little boy maybe this is what the mad man had warned me about maybe she was it.

“I wont ask you again little boy WHY ARE YOU HERE?!” she screeched her voice made me feel sick,

“WH …who are you” I managed to say eventually.” All of a sudden she let loose bloodcurdling scream. In shock I stumbled backwards and fell hitting my head on the ice cold concrete floor I swore as my vision began to fade I thought to myself, this is it the end is here,



I came round feeling groggy and a splitting headache I looked around

“Hello, is anyone here?” I groaned, even talking made the pounding in my head worse  the strange girl had gone and then I realised I had been moved I was in a small room with two doors I stood up and looked around again and then I noticed it there in the corner across from me a small box.

“It can’t be” I stared at it blankly “it is” it was the mysterious item the girl from before was holding I slowly approached the small box not sure what to expect thoughts were racing through my mind the main one being what if it’s dangerous “get a hold of yourself man its just a box” I whispered to myself realising how stupid I was acting I picked up the box it hummed softly I saw a slight indentation I ran my finger over it and with out warning it began to open. The door behind me creaked; I quickly span round to see who was there it was me.


“Finally” he gasped; it was strange we were alike in every single way, “you’re a hard guy to track down you know…” he paused; he gave me that look the look I get when I’m despairing,

“What?” he didn’t answer he just kept looking like I had punched him in the face “what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? ANSWER ME!” he pointed and said,

“Look behind you” I turned to look behind me an I saw the other door appeared see-through I could see the little box a bright was pouring out of it I realised that the door wasn’t transparent the box was projecting the image of a corridor onto it “what is it doing?” I asked him bluntly, he didn’t speak he just pointed at the door again so I continued to watch the strange projection then I recognised what it was a recording of what happened when I met the strange girl it showed the little box doing what seemed like a scan of me I turned to my double he was now holding some sort of knife,

“I’m already in!” he lunged at me I dived at his feet I looked at the projection it showed the box creating the other me, “you let me in now you must die you should have listened to your screaming friend even if he was insane!” then it hit me my double was it and I was supposed to have not let him in. “It starts with you and then the whole world no-one will be spared.

“But why are you doing this? I pleaded

“Because I can!” he snarled he looked at me his eyes had started to glow.

“I won’t let you hurt anyone else this ends here with me now!” as soon as I said that he stabbed me in the chest and laughed, it took all my strength but I managed to pull the knife from my chest and with my final breath I stabbed and broke the box I am Jeremiah Flynn and it ended with me.




© 2012 unknowning

Author's Note

plz ignore the lack of puctuation i haven't had time to fin completely

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Added on October 19, 2012
Last Updated on October 19, 2012



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