the snow

the snow

A Story by unseenant

my first piece of proper writing


The Snow

Anthony Emberson

Chapter 1

What if your life were like footprints in the snow, would you follow the tracks wherever they lead, or would you forge your own trail?”

Akio wake up”

I looked up my head resting on the hard plywood desk, the class lecturer standing over me, a scowl presented on her face.

Since you think you can sleep during my sessions please explain to the class what David Hume thought about God” I gave her a dazed look.

David Hume believed that God is probably flawed or even sadistic “, a familiar voice called out.

Thank you Hikari, seems Akio isn't quite on key today“. I looked behind me. Hikari gave a smug grin and then continued playing with her charcoal hair. The lesson dragged on for another 15 minutes before I could drag myself outside.

When the said time finally came I found myself wandering aimlessly down the local high street a brisk breeze blowing the odd flake of snow into my face. I attempted to find shelter from an ever growing torrent of snow in a local bakery; an unknown assailant wrapped their arms around me forming a tight bear-hug "Hikari" I sighed. The girl ran around doing a half twirl in front of me. Dressed in skinny jeans and a band tee, she stood out among the other patrons of the store - not that either of us really cared. After some time hanging around Hikari we parted ways and I was left alone with my thoughts.

Hikari and I were very close you see had been friends for a long time, 7 years now, we were like brother and sister. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her.

Time passed quickly after I returned home the evening sun replaced by a glistering moon, its light reflecting off the virgin snows outside my room.

Finding myself very tired I retreated to the comfort of my bed, the room around me fading to black. At some point in the night that black abyss was replaced by images; vivid images. A blood red background formed only breaking for the twilight of a graveyard.

A single tomb stood in-front of me, the name leaving me in shock echoing through my mind like an express train.

Hikari Matsumoto.

I turned to run but the ground behaved like a treadmill. I was going nowhere. Then like a lightning strike it came; the sickening crash! A bright sensation of pain and the graveyard had been replaced.

This time by a blank wall... Or rather, a ceiling, my bed standing over me mockingly.

Sleep eluded me for rest of the night, my mind not wanting to return to the graveyard.

I was a little flat the next morning; my movement was something similar to a drunken stupor which drew some strange looks in school. When Hikari saw me in the hallway, she ran over locking me in a tight embrace her face pressed against my chest. After standing for a little she looked up and smiled “cheer up” she shouted letting go and running off “nobody's died”

Chapter 2

What if you could go back in time, and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?”

Donnie darko

The week that followed the nightmare was substantially quieter with no strange dreams or events at all for that matter. In fact the only change was that the snow got significantly deeper which meant travel got harder but generally a lot of fun to play in.

Hikari and I took full advantage of the inclement conditions and spent most of our time out side of class making igloos or throwing the snow at each other.

That Saturday morning I was lounging around doing particularly nothing when I heard a rap at the door, as usual it was Hikari. Behind her two sleds floated in the sea of white that stood outside “hey you wanna go sledding” she asked a huge grin streaked across her face. I agreed and followed her outside the snow crunching under every step.

After a while I found myself sat on top of the hill we'd been sledding on, Hikari sat next to me her cheeks bright red from the cold. It was the first time I had ever seen her complexion change and I ended up staring at her for some time. She didn't notice as she was watching the sun setting in the valley below; its amber glow colliding with the eerie white that the snow produced, fusing into an indescribable flurry of colours only then did Hikari speak.

You see all this, the valley, the sun it was here long before humanity and it will be here a long time after where gone. Anything we do is insignificant and doesn't change the grand scheme of things.” She looked around her signature smile flashing away for a second. “So the way I see it is we might as well enjoy the short time we have significant or not”

As the last words left her mouth, she sneezed and shivered slightly as a response I stood up grabbing her arm and pulled her into a hug. “Come on let’s get you home before you catch a cold”

Chapter 3

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts”

Arnold Bennett

Finding our way home didn't take too long. By the time we arrived it had become very cold and had started snowing again, we were both shivering by this point. I fumbled with the keys and the dragged the door open a mass of snow forming behind it.

Inside I fired up the heater and grabbed a blanket laying it over Hikari and myself, the heat relaxing my body. Hikari reached around my back putting a hand on my shoulder. I looked at her looking for an excuse “I'm cold and you’re really warm” she said, sticking her tongue out, I blushed slightly and she laughed at my embarrassment

Juvenile” I huffed and stuck my own tongue out . This carried on for a little while until she put her head on my shoulder at which point my face went bright red.

Akio I love you” she muttered before going to sleep on my shoulder. I was taken back. I didn't know what to say what to think I’d never thought about it, she was my best friend and I couldn't sleep because of it.

The next morning I was awoken to the sounds of gun fire and general chaos I was quickly alert. Only to find that it was Hikari playing a certain violent video game on my ps3.

I stood up, but Hikari ambushed me knocked me back down we laughed but made no attempt to move the position we landed in was quite comfortable I decided this was my chance to ask about last night

Hey Hikari …. You know about last night what you said did you mean it.” I looked at her looking for change but nothing happened she was still smiling.

Of course I did why?” she questioned.

Because I never got to tell you … I ... I love you too “

What happened next was a blur, but in flurry of arms she embraced me in a tight hug. I was taken by surprise by this attack and couldn't resist, not that I wanted too.

Chapter 4

You've been to hell and back

so what am I supposed to do?”

We are the ocean - these days I have nothing

The nightmare had returned. It had been two weeks since I experienced it last, but this time it happened not once but twice, both throwing me from my bed to a starting wake. The snow had also gotten deeper the result was college was called off neither the student body or staff could get near the place.

It had also been a week since Hikari told me she loved me, not that this changed our day to day routine. She held my hand a lot more but nothing else really changed the same jokes, the same music, the same Hikari.

UAV deployed” the voice said echoing from the speakers mounted on the desk, a similar thing coming from Hikari's laptop.

Another one to the left”, she chirped up furiously clicking the mouse.

Got it” I replied clicking my own mouse and removing the pixel soldier from the game. After a while the game ended and Hikari packed her laptop up.

I think it’s time I got going” she said looking out to the impending darkness.

I watched as the light of the torch danced along ahead of us, illuminating a snow covered path indefinable from the road and the embankment, my arm around a shivering Hikari.

We stepped off to cross the road. Hikari some way ahead due to her shoes griping better. We never saw the car until it was too late.

The crash. The sickening crash.

There was nothing I could do. By the time the ambulance arrived she was gone. I just stood there the whole time .there wasn't a damn thing I could do!

The doctors say she didn't feel any pain but death never affects the dead, it’s more a survivor’s affair or so they say. I cried till I couldn't cry any more. Then I just lay there scolding myself in my own mind how pathetic I was I couldn't save the one I loved.

They told me all the upset all the self harm and anger it wouldn't bring Hikari back, but I knew that, that wasn't why I did it, I did it to ease the pain

Chapter 5

Just give me a sign

That there’s something better in the world

Just give me a sign

Your tears are adding to the flood”

Breaking Benjamin

Give me a sign

Six months had passed since the accident. Six months since my world collapsed around me. Six months, and the snow stayed the same. It was unheard of or so the TV said, I didn't care much it wouldn't stop me visiting her grave everyday nothing did. My only solace from a doomed existence.

I knelt down by the grave its Gray marble glistering in the pale light I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders I just wanted to let it fall “I miss you Hikari I wish you were here with me” I spluttered, tears running down my face. I laid some flowers and turned to leave my face raw from the cold and tears. There stood a figure before me blocking my path.

Her hair and clothes where perfectly white and her face only a few shades darker. I knelt down and offered a pray thinking it was a spirit or I was insane or both. She looked at me gesturing me to rise “I’m not a spirit or not yet any way so you can stop with the prayers” she spoke in a soft local dialect.

The white women walked over to the grave parallel to where I was standing, “it’s a shame’ this wasn't her or your role, we had a much greater plan in mind for you.” I studied her features no sign of guilt or worry or emotion at all for that matter.

Well gotta report this to the boss” she pulled out a hand-held device, the screen emitted a blue light and seemed almost holographic.

Well looks like I may be able to help you and bring Hikari back.” I gave her a look of utter disdain was this some kind of sick joke

yup this was never meant ....” she couldn't finish before I had her collar clasped in one hand. “Would you just shut up you can’t bring her back.” Mid-sentence I had started crying again my emotional outburst driving me off the proverbial edge. “No-one can” I added letting go of her collar and dropping to my knees. She gave me a confused look and then pushed the device into my hands “See”.

---- data send/ receive log---------

top end server .override code

data transfer 34kb

observe case 24506 subject.Hikari_matsumoto

coordinates 1233,33,3122

data transceiver 2233 operator.Yuki

situation critical.extreme deviation

top end server ai.st_p

temporal retrieval authorised by the big one himself

data transceiver 2233 operator.Yuki

roger that

---- data log end -----

So many questions ran through my head. The big one? Temporal retrieval? The person or ai at the other end ? What was going on?

The girl retrieved her device “so you still think this was a joke” I didn't know if it was it was well organised but I put my doubt to one side for the moment and put on a brave face

So guess your name is Yuki”

Yup and yours”



Even though she’d known me for all of ten minutes we were already on first name terms or at least I thought it was her first name.

So temporal retrieval “I asked sarcasm and wonder finding equal measure in my voice.

Chapter 6

He's run out of quotes”

Capitan obvious on my current situation

I sat next to the grave as Yuki taped her device a few more times "we’re ready to go whenever you are." I glanced at the grave and then touched it the cold marble reassuring me that this wasn't a dream.

"Do it"

Yuki tapper her device a few more times as she did the environment became physically charged causing my hair to stand on end. A pin of red light appeared among the mass of green and gray that was the graveyard. Unnoticeable had it not started expanding quickly going from red to an oval not dissimilar from a rainbow. The centre of which quivered as it formed as a distant road on a hot day. Yuki just stood and looked at her device

Ok its stable”

I stared at it I had no idea what to do how to travel back sensing this she jabbed a finger at the oval.

Just step through it” she sighed

I did as she was told and was hit with the most disorienting sickly feeling I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Not only that, but my sight was blackened and my hearing bombarded, if this was time travel I don’t wanna do it again.

The sound faded and the black was replaced by a flare of light blocked at each side by a solid strip as I analysed the situation. I felt an impact racking my back with pressure

Hey lazy, thought you'd be awake by now your parents let me in” I thought for a second the voice was familiar but distant last time had heard it was …... 6 months ago.

I rolled over with all the energy I had, revealing a face slightly hidden by long charcoal hair a body hanging over me on all fours “Hikari” I gasped, reaching up and grabbing her in a tight hug.

Hey glad to see you too, but are you ok you look like you've seen a ghost” how close to the truth she was.

I looked at the clock the morning of the day of the accident, I decided the best course of action was probably to avoid going out or avoid going out that night

Hey Hikari you wanna stay over tonight my parents are ok with it, and I'm sure yours will be too”

Her signature smile expanded but then dropped

I don't have any stuff to sleep in or to wear tomorrow” she said

I looked around thinking

You left some stuff last time” I lied.

She nodded in agreement and a smile forced its way onto my face. I jumped up pushing her of my bed I lost balance and we ended up in a heap on the floor. It was here that I wondered where Yuki was and whether I’d see her again.

Hikari had stayed we spent the day playing video games and that night I got a DVD and made up some popcorn. We sat in front of the sofa the same place where she told me she loved me, the same blanket over us it seemed like I’d succeeded.

As Hikari fell asleep by my side yet again a wave of emotion overwhelmed me, this time I wouldn't let anything separate us. I’d been through it once and I still had the scars to prove that it had nearly destroyed me.

I thought about what Hikari had said a week before on the hill, I thought about what had happened the so called plan Yuki had mentioned. Maybe what we do is insignificant in the grand scheme of things but as long as one other person finds significance in it is that not all that matters.

--------------------- data log--------------------------------------------

top end server ai.st_p running debug device. Transceiver 2233

transceiver 2233

error.warning unsafe deceleration 60mph " 0 in 1.223 seconds

error.warning collision detected force > 9,963N

running hard/soft checks

screen: non functional

internal arrays: damage detected

last good address 0X0F223

rewriting systems.....

failed hardware missing

checking internal networked qbit

entanglement status: critical

network lose imminent

---------- connection lost-------------------------------------------------

Chapter 7

It’s not over till the fat lady sings”


The next morning I awoke to find myself lying along the width of the sofa, blanket draped over me.

Shielding my eyes from the ever present sunlight I glanced around the room it remained the same from when I had gone to sleep except Hikari, who had previously been beside me was now listening intently to the TV legs folded under.

I crawled up alongside her; the TV had the local news on the images seemed familiar somehow. A car its bumper dented slightly, an ambulance, the police cordoning off the area, I looked at my wrist where the scars of my devastation lay healed but not gone.

Sensing my foreboding, Hikari jumped on me wrapping her arms around me I continued watching till one final image appeared. A small rectangular piece of plastic about the same size of an A4 piece of paper, a cracked piece of glass lay over it. Yuki's device.

I'm not a spirit yet” the words echoed in my head there was no way Yuki knew this was going to happen could she, did she know she was marching to her death for my sake. I gently grasped Hikari's arms removing them from my chest .I stood up to leave; only for her to stop me she put her hands on my shoulders

Look I can tell your upset that was upset you, but there is no point hurting yourself because of it you've got me and I know we can get through this, whatever it is”. She kissed me softly; I collapsed to my knees turning the news off knowing it was doing me no good watching what had unfolded.

That night I made a promise under the stars on Yuki’s memory that I’d make the best use of my life possible.

15 years later

I looked into the chamber coils of copper wire streaming around 8 huge magnets. Hikari put her hand on my shoulder and gave a sympathetic look

Do it” I spoke into a mic on the wall. the magnets emitted a magnificently terrifying roar and although nothing visually changed in the chamber a number of sensors picked up large amounts of radiation “send the data “I continued into the mic. There was a minuscule flash of light exactly 5.121 seconds later the light appeared again at the other side of the chamber; nobody in the room could believe it we’d managed to send photons forward in time.

After 10 years of work and countless years of other people’s research, we'd finally achieved it, the Yuki project had finally succeeded of which the brilliance and revelations weren't lost on me.

© 2011 unseenant

Author's Note

its my first piece feel free to review

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