A Story by whitney

about a girl who meets a vampire


  Emeral was sitting under a tree when she heard a shout. She looked up but she didn't see any one. She got up and wen to the house, where her father was. She opened the door to find him siting by the stove. "Hello father"She said. He looked up. He smiled. He motioned for her to come near. She did. "The mail came today father." She said. He nodded. She was siting on his lap when the door bursted open. They both looked up. At the door there stood a man who was weaering a black cape. "Hello old friend." He said. He looked at Emeral. She sat there frozen. "It's time." Is all he said. So her father kissed her on the cheek and he left with the man in the black cape. But before they left her father had whisperd for her to stay in the house. But when they left she didn't listen. She followed  them. To her suprise they didn't go very far from the house. When they stopped she hid behind a tree. Nobody would see her. So she watched the man kill her father. She almost cryed out. but she stopped herself."That'll teach you a lesson old man." The man in the black cape started walking back to the house. Once he was gonce Emeral ran to her father. He was still breathing but he wouldn't live much longer. She started to go when her father caught her arm. "Emeral. you musn't let that man get you. He is very dangerouse. His name is....." He started coughing. "His name is Raja. He can do many things." He laid his hand back down. "I am sorry Emeral." That is  all he said. Those were his last words to her. Emeral got up. She didn't even look back, she just ran. Ran to wherever she wanted to go. She found a place to hide cause she knew that Raja that man will be looking for her. It started to rain. Then she found herself crying over her father. So she cryed her self to sleep.

© 2008 whitney

Author's Note

Well i just hope that youi'll like this and I hope I finish it

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Added on June 25, 2008



Charleston, WV

Well my name is Whitney. I like 2 write books but I never finish them. I like 2 read a lot of book. more..