A Story by vampireonion

I wrote this a few years ago. I was inspired by o online friends story she never finished...or maybe she did. Sadly, we don't keep in touch anymore.

Dear Michael,
At first, my life was not so great. I was poor, and I had one best friend, Mary, and my parents where barely home. Did you know I hadn't ever even left Oakwhisper?
But then, you came. At first, I despised you so deeply I wished you dead, probably for taking away my best friend so much. She loved you the moment she laid eyes on you. No, she loved your looks and nothing more. I can still remember as Mary would drag me along when as three where friends. Those hikes where I willed a tree to fall and crush you, those picnics where I wanted nothing more then to chuck apples at your head, and those fishing trips where I longed to throw you into to deep blue vastness of Lake Maple. Suddenly, you became beautiful in my eyes, and I can still find no reason as to why. It was strange, yet exhilarating at the same time. I loved every inch of you. The simple thought of you sent my heart racing and your visits now made my breathe leave me.
The day you toke my face into your hands and pledged your love for me was the greatest day of my life. I was reborn-no, I awoke. I had been asleep for sixteen years, but you had awakened me. I was sleeping beauty, and you were my prince. All I ever wanted was granted to me. Life was finally grand and splendid. I could not stop loving you. Remember how I said, "My heart only beats for you?" Well, I did not lie. It does.
You came to see me every day, and always smiled. Oh, your smile would brighten up the worst of days. As soon as my hands opened the door, and I set my eyes on your perfect, cream white skin, all of my worries meant nothing. Everything meant nothing. Only you mattered. When you kissed me, all I could think about was you. Your beautiful face-those perfect blue eyes gazing into mine, that lushes golden hair that always shinned, those lips that would smile at me. Oh, those glorious lips. The lips that would bring me to life each time they touched mine. Only you mattered; only you mattered. My heart beat only for you.
We would walk, hand in hand, along the shore. I would rest my head on your perfect chest, breathing in your delicious sent. My world was suddenly so large, and you were my guide. My plain brown hair and plain brown eyes, my not-so-beautiful face, my unattractive body, they meant nothing to you. You saw me for me, and loved me. My heart beats for only you.
Then, the worst day of my life came, as it was bound to. It had caught me of guard, as demons always do.
I can perfectly recall walking to your house that evening, my thoughts as happy as ever. I was coming to surprise you.
Once I opened the door, I screamed inside, but no sound erupted from my lips. There you where-kissing Mary. Her perfectly curved body on top of yours, her smooth, pale skin, her soft green eyes, her long, flowing red hair, they all seemed just right next to you. Your lips were touching, and you didn't stop kissing until a second after you saw me.
"Lily! Oh, Lily. We meant to tell you, we really did..." Mary said, crying as she sprung out of your arms. The same arms that would hold me much less lovingly. More like a pretty pet, or an adorable puppy, the way I thought was love. The way I made my mind believe was love.
"Lily, I'm so sorry it had to end this way." You said, sadness on your face But you were not sad enough to come near me. You didn't even care for me.
Those words stung me, and I could no longer stand. My legs gave way to the pain, but my eyes would not water. The room spun, and all emotions left me. Realization pulled me down, farther and farther into a deep and pressing abyss.
All those times you asked where Mary was, all those times you and Mary talked, all the visits you paid timed perfectly with Mary’s. You never loved me, you loved Mary. I meant nothing to you; you simply used me to get her. You never loved me.
The pain was unbearable, and even the deepest realms of Hell could not match the torture. It felt as though my heart was slowly being ripped out, that my emotions were fleeting me, that my very soul was dieing.
I heard Mary’s voice call, “Oh, God! Call an ambulance!” but it sounded so far away; so distant. I was drowning; drowning in waters even the Devil himself would flee from.
My heart had stopped beating.
Once I awoke, I was laying my bed, and my mother was gazing at me.
“Honey, I hate to tell you this now, but your father and I are splitting up. We already have the divorce papers signed. I tried telling you this before, but you seemed so distant, as though you where never really here.” She said.
How long had I been asleep? How long had my mind blocked out the world? It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered.
“We are moving to New York today!” My mom said, trying to make me smile, but her effort was in vain. I could no longer smile-I could no longer feel.
Now, as I sit here on my apartment ledge in New York, I feel as though you were the only reason I had to live, as though you were my only life. Imagine that, dieing yet your body could not go away. I wish myself dead; I truly do, for I am worse then dead now. I had wasted a whole year in my shell, but New York is so big, and you were so far away in Oakwhisper. My heart hasn’t beat since the moment you said those fateful words, and now I realize what I shall do. I hear no one call, “Hey, the girl’s on the ledge!” I hear not a single person tell me to stop. I sat here to write to you my final good-bye, to explain what it is that taunts me, but now I have another goal in mind. I want to jump and finally disappear.
P.S. My heart had beaten for only you.

Michael’s hand dropped the letter, and the police explained, “Her body was found lying on the street. A few people had seen her fall, and screamed, but it was too late. I’m so sorry, she died instantaneously. We haven’t read the letter, though.”
Weeks later, Michael stood with Mary sobbing in his arms as Lily’s body was buried. He didn’t think of how Mary had exclaimed that it was all her fault, or how he convinced her that he loved her no matter what. Instead he pictured Lily, and here smiles as she saw him, the way she laughed when he wouldn’t swim with her and when she pushed him in, the way she stopped breathing after they had kissed and smiled, her face when she saw them, as she sunk to the ground when he broke up with her, and her thoughtless body walking through life. He had never loved her, but she had loved nothing more, and never would.

© 2010 vampireonion

Author's Note

I know about my grammar mistakes, but the thing is I read over them every time I check. :/

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grate story :)
i liked it :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

Great short. Very emotional. I can actually relate to the walking dead feeling. You portrayed it extremely well.

Only a few misspellings from what I saw, very minor.

Great job.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I love, and I mean LOVE to write. I think I'm pretty good at it. Not amazing, but pretty good. My stories tend to be depressing, though. I can't seem to write a happy character. Maybe the depression g.. more..

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