life is about taking chances

life is about taking chances

A Poem by wildfire midnight charmed

its about not giving up on love

Life is about taking chances.
To learn liven in the moments given .
Not everything turns out right.
We must find the light.
The beauty hidden deep in every painful site.
The survival to carry on.
A heart is made for loven.
Much more worldly loven is needed.

Love is the freedom to express ,to except all things liven.
Love can slow the row of sin en .
Love is a natural tantalizing give me more high.
A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow in the sky.
Love 's halo has the power to heal.
Help a soul to feel real.
Love is understanding not demanding .

Love is everything to you and me.

Can't we see.
Love is a aphrodisiac to the world.
We want , need it, crave it, Got to have it.

Life is about taken chances.

Love is the nectar of procreation.
Love has the power to take or give,
Destroy or make a soul fly
Love can be a blessing or hellish ride.
Love can bring a joyful smile or bring a heart unbearable strife.
Love is a chance a wild card we often gamble with.
Love has the power to forgive or hate.
Love has the power to control your fate.
Love has the power to change your destiny .
Love has so many bad sides to heavenly
And still love means everything.

Ain't that something! where all searching for.
So why is love so hard to show to the world.
Why is playing hate n the main game .
Jealousy is such a heart less shame.
Making enemies is deadly and lame.
Love holds all the fame.

Remember love is everything.!

The power of love with so many meanings
Leaven hearts wanting plenty .
The craving to a lonely heart.
Reach out a hand and be a friend.
Take a chance and brake hate all apart.

Love is change and change is what this world is begging for.
Love is everything and so much more.
A much need feeling in this world.

© 2011 wildfire midnight charmed

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"Love is a aphrodisiac to the world.
We want , need it, crave it, Got to have it."
This is a great plea for love and more
writing like this will probably create more
Bravo ! Keep writing.
----- Eagle Cruagh

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 11, 2011
Last Updated on February 11, 2011


wildfire midnight charmed
wildfire midnight charmed

dumas, TX

i love to write poems looking for inspiration more..