It Never Ends

It Never Ends

A Story by Winston Tan

Guns Guns Guns, Lone Survivor! More Shooting! Bang bang?

Derrick slammed hard against the tree for cover, knocking air out from his lungs. He gasped for air and took a peek at the target up ahead. Reorganisation. The thought shot through his mind.  Quickly, he lifted his rifle up to his chest and released the magazine from its cache.

"25 rounds and five men left," he examined the number of rounds inside it and slotted it back into the magazine housing. 

Resting the butt of the rifle against the hollow of his shoulder,  he spun around; shot off a few rounds and dashed closer to the building. Bullets hailed towards Derrick's location, whizzing past his body mere inches away. Upon sensation, he immediately hit the decaying leaves and crawled to the nearest tree. 

His eyes trailed off to the ruins behind and estimated another twenty metres before he reached his destination. The bullets continued to graze the tree beside him and he caught a muzzle flash as the rounds shot off. He brought his weapon up and looked through the scope, slowly, he traced the flash and squeezed off. He heard a muffled grunt as the bullets continued to whistle past him. 

Derrick clicked his tongue, waiting for the group of four to stop firing. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Slowly, the loud roaring got softer and soon silence followed. He remained as still as a log and listened further. The crunching of twigs and dried leaves could be heard softly and he muttered," two men."

Cautiously, Derrick lifted himself off the ground and knelt against the tree. The crackling sound became louder as it came from both sides. Derrick listened to each step and slowly slid his knife out from its pouch that was wrapped around his left thigh. There was a loud snap and all movement died.

In that instant, Derrick got up and swirled to the right, he saw a man dressed lightly, armed with a weird looking rifle. At once, he lifted the knife up, pulled his entire body back, took aim and flung it at the man. Nothing was heard from him except for a random burst of bullets as he fell over, knife between his brows.

Derrick flinched from pain as a sudden burn erupted from his right arm. The second man responded quickly and started to fire back at Derrick as he knelt on the ground. He heard the  sound of bullets being squeezed off and did a side row towards the tree to his left.

Instantly, he got up and retreated slightly further into the trees and quickly took cover once more. Briefly, he checked his wound and saw that the middle part of his upper arm was grazed. He heard another branch snapped.

Silence entailed and he looked from the corner of his eyes, anticipating an ambush by the remaining enemies. A sudden burst of bullets dug into the tree that he had took cover. Splinters and bits of bark rained down on him as the bullets burried itself into the thick body of the tree. Without a second to waste, Derrick slid down slightly further and proned.

From his view, he saw three flashes coming from the front and was spaced with little distance between them. He took aim and shot in burst of three at each flash. He kept tapping the trigger until he heard nothing but a soft click. 

Silence followed, there was no firing from both sides, nothing. He took a peek and saw no movement ahead. Silently, he got up and knelt against the tree and observed a little longer. Then he got up, rifle ready to engage, and walked with his figure slightly bent foward. Quickly, he covered the distance between him and the possible enemy postions. He knelt at the tree directly in front of the enemy and examined them. 

Dead. He recovered and walked towards the very frist man. He kicked the weapon away from the body and pointed his rifle at the motionless man. Four rounds lodged in the man's body, after noting that, Derrick looked up. A silvery gleam came down right in front of his face.

Derrick pushed himself away but lost his footing. Wind from his lungs gushed out from the impact as he fell on his back. An enemy survivor pinned him down and raised the knife in both hands ready to bring it down on to him. 

Derrick raised both of his arms to stop the agressor from bringing the knife down. Continuously, he fought against the sudden pushes from the knife and he attempted to toss it off to the side. Feeling the man losing strength from the weakening thrusts, he summoned the last of his strength. Grunting loudly, he yanked the knife out from the man's hands and wield it crudely. Without much hesitation, he slashed the knife across the man's throat. 

Blood spluttered across his face as the man made choking sounds. Soon the man's strength seeped away and he fell limp on top of Derrick. Panting heavily, he rested on the floor with arms sprawled wide. After regaining his breath, he pushed the body away, snatched one of the rifle lying on the ground. The rifle gave off a low sizzling sound as he held on to it and it gave of a cold vibe along with cool colours rushing from muzzle to its butt. Snapping away from the daze, he started to sprint deeper into the woods.

Up ahead, he saw a small silvery briefcase hidden behind the debris from the untouched ruins. Quickly, Derrick stopped over and opened it. Inside was a small gun about the size of an ordinary pistol. He shut the briefcase, brought it up and secured it to the back of his metallic suit.

Just as he got up, he heard a loud roar coming from above the skies. In a flash, he cocked the weapon and pointed it up, prepared to fire at anything coming down. In just seconds, the roaring got louder and a huge ship came into the atmosphere. The ship was plated silver and had green glows that lined the whole under side of the ship. 

Realising what it was, Derrick sprinted quickly to a sheltered building. He rested his body plushed against the wall. He lifted up his rilfe and removed the magazine. "80 rounds and many more to go."

© 2014 Winston Tan

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Added on June 16, 2014
Last Updated on June 16, 2014
Tags: Action, Science-fiction


Winston Tan
Winston Tan

Singapore, Singapore

Well, A guy from Singapore. Been exploring writing quite recently. And I am trying to get better in it. Besides all that, it is nice to meet new people on this site and get to know that we can work.. more..

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