Ettore's haggard airship which was named 'Veronica'

Ettore's haggard airship which was named 'Veronica'

A Story by zach h.

A story I wrote for writing class. Written with each sentence totally the same. There are seven words in each one. It was also limited to 450 words.


The airship lurched as it docked mid-air. Rotting ropes secured it to the dock.  Veronica its stern said in faded paint. Its design ancient, it still purred sweetly. It wasn’t an intimidating vessel when shipshape. Its ragged disarray didn’t help that image. The two lift bags were patched many times. The net that secured them frayed notably. Amidships, the pilothouse was barely clinging on. Imagine how shoddy the lower decks were.

The gangway lowered, a man emerged. The coat shrouding him billowed at altitude. His appearance was poorer than the Veronica. Dominic Ettore was an experienced airship captain. He had been hardened by years aloft. The clouds weren’t just home but sanctuary. Born there, someday he would die there. He had spent his pay on Veronica. The money saved for years bought it. The airship wasn’t much to most airmen. Ettore held the Veronica in higher views. For this reason, he felt sad disembarking.

“It’s a pleasure to have you aboard.” The dock steward said with clear disdain.

            Ettore grunted and replied with similar disdain. “I’m sure that isn’t true at all.”

            The dock steward ignored his comment politely. “Please follow me to see the captain.”

            Unlike the Veronica, this vessel was pristine. It had the latest design and technology. It was the Sky Patrol’s crowing jewel. It put fear into all who opposed. Ettore took note of the patrol vessel. He couldn’t help but admire her prowess. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t trade Veronica for it.

            The steward led Ettore up seven decks. The seventh deck held the sophisticated pilothouse. A group of offices awaited him there. Among them was his nemesis, Captain Fiore.

            “Glad you could make it Dominic.”

            “Since when have we ever been polite?”

            “I need your help, I have to.”

            “Belay that, be blunt with me.”

            “Can do, I need your subpar airship.”

            Ettore’s lips cracked into crooked, bemused smile. “This girl not fit enough for you?” Ettore gestured to mass display of gizmos.

            “This fine girl is fit�"too fit. We need a vessel that is hack-proof.”

            “That is where my Veronica comes in?”

            “Your vessel’s limitations are our savior.”

            “What would it be the savior of?”

            Captain Fiore looked at Ettore grimly. “The world, it’d save the entire world. We need it to deliver a bomb. The bomb would destroy a whole factory.”

            “But it’s not just a factory, correct?”

            “They’re building a bomb that’ll destroy everyone. Even your success isn’t necessarily a given. I’ll be blunt, I don’t like you. However, you should know you may die.

            Ettore contemplated his nemesis’ statement very carefully.  It didn’t take him long to decide. Dying aloft was his inevitable one day. Why not make his life matter now?  

© 2014 zach h.

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Added on November 7, 2014
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zach h.
zach h.


I started writing when I was 15. 21 now, I have completed 4 novels and started a 5th. I mostly write young adult, but I may branch out eventually. My books are influenced by places I have been in my m.. more..

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