Longship's Mast of The Past

Longship's Mast of The Past

A Poem by Sheila Kline

Ode to past days when Longships of The Vikings ruled the seas





Let my spirit take flight to lands where is found the frozen fjord;

Where earth and sky bind ancient memories and dance in accord.

I hear the Norse wind urging me to swirl present with the past

To bring alive epic tales once spun 'round the Longship's mast.


The turbulent sea guides our kinship of memories shoreward

As dark shadows blot out warmth of sun moving bodies onward.

I am bound to oars and with each groan of ever swelling planks,

Known is the journey behind me and my place among the ranks.


The raven circles overhead as it follows in our wake.

I, a mighty shield maiden, embraces now just what’s at stake.

Our fleet is about to reach the wealthy, Christian, foreign shore.

Shield, axe, and sword at the ready I know what’s in store.


Anticipation of raging battle pulses through my veins.

When we win we ravage enemies’ riches for our coffer’s gains;

Such bounty seized gives us the power to capture even more.

Warriors sail, invade, and sack to even the bloody score.


In my soul I live again courageous days when war was king

And Odin ruled Valhalla where the dead in victory sing.

My genetic links to Viking eras past let me now feel

The music, vast seas, triumph and trek to Uppsala as real.

Sheila Bowyer Kline

© 2020 Sheila Kline

Author's Note

Sheila Kline
The continued journey into discovering ancestors of my past has led me to The Vikings and those who ruled the great Northern seas for many centuries. The Longships were impressive feats of design and enabled them to navigate both open seas and shallow rivers which helped these brave adventurers win many a battle!

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I haven't seen you here in a long time . . . I've been sketchy . . . and it's great to see you again becuz I'm so forgetful, I don't look for those I never see anymore! This is a well-written epic that brought all kinds of things to mind as I was reading. Of course I love your rhyme & rhythm, but also, I noticed that your line length reminds me of the long journey it is to travel by ship, almost as if you've got us bouncing along these long lines to journey your poem. Another thing is that you put me into the shoes of how it must've been when our world wasn't so over-connected. Now we can barely conceive of approaching an unknown shore & anticipating whatever possible hostilities might be awaiting us like invaders. This poem put me into these shoes & helped me feel how that must've felt. You are an amazing poet I haven't appreciated enuf here at the cafe (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Months Ago

Superb write dear Sheila. Beautiful description, wonderful story. Very much enjoyed this.

Kind regards,

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Added on June 10, 2020
Last Updated on July 11, 2020
Tags: Journey, Adventure, Conquest, Shieldmaiden, Voyage, Vikings, Scandinavian


Sheila Kline
Sheila Kline


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