randomosity 5

randomosity 5

A Poem by wyrd

when history happened, it happened fast.

the gods ate small children. It wasn’t that these celestial highness’s gained extraordinary powers or insights from the experience--small people simply tasted good.

you know how it is with gods.  They're distant, judgmental, over-emtitled and demand a constant stream of tribute.

even though they might not eat meat every day, when they do, they should eat the good stuff.

of course the power that comes from the blood of unbaptized infants is only good in months without an "r" in them

God Bless Right wing Christian families.

Relativity is special


I chop up my own meat the old fashioned way

it's bad enough being damned, indigestion I dont need

Meeting the Almighty takes hallucinatory talent and training

Anthropomorphism knows no bounds when our monsters get distilled through the same tubes as our Savior.

Hallucination nation

we do need certain amount of irrationality to live in an irrational world

beef cattle the size of small dogs will be grazed in the average man's back yard and eating especially thick grass and producing especially tender steaks.  (science digest your life in 1985, 1955 ed)

All-access deity

Symphorophilla:  Someone who is sexually aroused by accidents or catastrophes

Adrián Skippy Purkart captured a queen ant being ravaged by a swarm of males while having her brain sucked out of her head by a spider

sensible and responsible women dont want to vote (Grover cleveland 1905)

she is psychologically challenged by all she sees, and while that might evoke ambition in a more scholastic mind, in her it forges only trenchant bewilderment and scorn.

A sexy f*****g c**t, no joke. Bet she tastes like sweetmelon.

She has wonderful eyebrows

I bet she does, 

I bet strong men faint when they see her eyebrows

What does your tear taste like?

 he is a "nice person" who trained himself to stamp out all emotions

"I'm a nice person. Hand me that AK-47."


"No one lives long enough to have a future,

. "They're born with their pasts lain out before them."
" I'm not saying the past is colored in yet, I'm just saying it's there."
"--'cause by past, you mean the future . . ?"

pissy existentialism is really what makes the b*****d such a cheap thrill- there's something wrong with the way we conceptualise the continuum of male sexuality

 America’s, whose prison population of 743 per 100,000 is the highest in the world, 

 americans are addicted to revenge.

 In a "for profit" system it is in the best interest of the private companies to incarcerate people 


“we’re embarrassed by what occurred, though we’re not sure, exactly what it is.

anti-Semitic mollusks getting bred in the Rhine.

not much in the way of sex, but there is a clairvoyant and a clown, plus quite  a bit of cheese

Opposition is one of the simplest and most recognizable forms of collaboration.


© 2012 wyrd

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this was awesome :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 20, 2012
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pittsfield , MA

paranoid delusional pyromaniac with a most excellent sense of humor. more..

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