Not Much of a Fairytale

Not Much of a Fairytale

A Story by Lorraine

Just a simple writing to thank my "genie" for always being there.


          Once upon a starry night eighteen years ago, through the eyes of an innocent child, I saw for the first time, the beauty of a sleepless sky.  As I laid helplessly amidst an unknown desert with nothing but tears in my eyes, a man appeared before my eyes, promising to fulfill my heart’s deepest desires until the very end.  I tried to reach him with my chubby, little fingers but soon enough--way too soon--he disappeared into a lamp that suddenly popped out of nowhere.  Afterwards, before more tears could spill down from my eyes, a magical carpet swept me off my feet and carried me across the darkened sky.

          My adventure began; my life unfolded.

          I sped off from place to place as time passed by, exploring the world in details, going above hills and mountains, climbing trees and walls, being lost in a frenzy, never looking back and never caring if I’d hurt someone else.  Somehow along the way, I turned into a beast with heart cold as ice and I began living a cursed life, trapped within the walls of my own world.  In time, before the last petal of hope fell, before all hope was lost, just when I thought I was too deeply shunned, someone looked past my exterior and that someone managed to awaken the beauty inside me, and made me realize that sincerity and acceptance would never fail to save a life.

          For the first time, I met the beautiful girl sleeping inside me.  I never knew she’d been there all along, waiting for that lone person who would kiss her awake and bring her back from a wasted existence.  As I opened my eyes after a blind search for happiness, finally, I saw the lovely fairies I call my friends who had always been there for me.  I realized I was never alone.

          My journey went on, never perfectly but unfailingly fun and challenging.  I jumped from parties to parties, dancing my heart out, wearing borrowed exquisite gowns and glass slippers, but always running away when the clock would tick to midnight, signaling the end of a borrowed splendor.  For awhile, I remained scared and insecure until someone ran after me as I cower; and I was made to realize I would’ve been accepted for who I am, no matter what.  


         Gradually, I began to live life as I should.  I allowed myself to experience leadership and friendship.  Along the way, I learned how it feels to be like the king of a jungle, to stand up on a high place as I watch the others bow down to me in respect.  I experienced the joy of being on top, well-respected and secure as well as the pain of being betrayed, depressed and hated.  I bore the abandonment of those who intentionally left me in the middle of a forest, weak and vulnerable as a child.  At that time, the mere sight of a friendly face made me feel like a child looking at a chocolate house after days of starvation.  It gave me hope--only to end up disappointed as I find a witch hiding behind those friendly façade. 

          Life has hauled me into different directions, some peaceful, some bizarre, some others are crazy beyond expectation.  I’ve already hurt others though unintentionally as I pursue the desires and impulse of my young heart.  I’ve welcomed strangers from far off lands, got scolded by my parents and did forbidden deeds just like a rebellious child falling in love for someone she should’ve been enemy with.  It’s a crazy life but sometimes, during those times when I’m alone, I hear the whisper of mother nature, telling me to always, always follow my heart--and those were moments held precious to me.

          Despite the ups and downs, I’ll always keep a smiling face.  No poisonous apple or evil stepmother will make me forget I have my family and friends.  Not even a thousand sea witches or a million creepy eels will deter me from finding happiness.

          Through all those years, the lamp stayed with me, unbelievably so.

         And it all started eighteen years ago, one starry night with a mysterious man. 

          For now I’ll call him my genie but someday when he shows himself again, I’ll make sure to call him ‘Father’ just before he sweeps me off my feet and take me home.  That’s my deepest wish. 

          Of course, as of now, the story still goes on.  Happily.


© 2010 Lorraine

Author's Note

Ok, I think I'm being too deep, I'm not even sure anyone's going to understand this, but believe it or not, this story speaks so much of my life for the past eighteen years. It's kind of something I wrote in retrospect.

For those who read it, thanks for giving it a try. ^___^

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I absolutely identify and love this piece. The paragraph that begins "Life has hauled me into different directions, some peaceful, some bizarre, some others are crazy beyond expectation. " could have been written by my own hand. You worded it wonderfully and made one see a grand part of all that is you, inside. My favorite thing about this though, is how the last line sums up your view of life in general. It's a wonderful thing to remain positive.
Thank you for sharing this.

Posted 10 Years Ago

"And it all started eighteen years ago, one starry night with a mysterious man."

You make a very good writer. Though I may never fully understand a Girl's feelings for her Dad, I'm struck at your descriptions. Just the right words, and the right words only. Also, limiting the vocabulary to simple word and sentence formation, moves the story an inch closer to perfection. Only that, I wish it could have been a little longer. I thought it was going good, but ended so abruptly. Nothing much other than this.

Keep writing (I see you're using this in your reviews too! I'm suing you for damage). :P

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow this is so deep. I love how you connected all the fairytale elements to yourself and wrapped it together so nicely at the end, but still saying that the story goes on. I love it! The only criticism I have is that in the first paragraph, you use the word "eyes" a lot. At the end of the paragraph I have the word eyes stuck in my head. So maybe try using a different way to describe what you meant to describe using the word eyes.
Other than that, it was a great read! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

Well done! I was hooked into the story and loved the way you identified the genie at the end!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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