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4 Months

4 Months

A Story by yoyob



As i fell to my knees crying out for the love of my life to come, the rain gentley started to fall, I prayed for her. Later that night I got on Myspace and only one friend was online "Katie". It came over me that she could be the one for me. I have always loved and cared about Katie, she was my best friends X and I have known her for two years. After 10 minutes of talking i desided i would ask her out, she said she had to go then i said "I love you" no reply. The next day she was online and she wrote me and said "i love u too" my heart droped and my stomach filled with butterflies and I knew. Three days later she came to my house and rite as she walked into the door my dog Hydro walked to the door to greet her, with her endless beautiful eyes she gazed at me. I was very shy the first day with her, we went walking and i asked about the first kiss. Rite after I said that she turned and kissed me, it felt like i was on a cloud like fireworks. Of course her hair got in the way and she stop and came back to continue. I was confused and turned my head I have never in my life felt that kind of emotion. At first i thought she hated me but it was more of under standing I geuss. A week later I went to her house to meet her family I was very scared but i got through it for her. After 1 month into our relationship her mom made us break up because i smoke cigs. I was devastated and confused, a day later I got her back. I was so happy. She said i was everything she wanted and i was really truely different than other guy, I can say one thing that i never hurt her in any way shape or form. I love her so so much. 2 weeks later she went to her biological moms house to visit in West Virginia but in that same time i went to juvinial detintion for stayin out of school when i was to young. When I went i was so confused I didnt get to talk to katie for 10 days. But the time I was in juvie I had my head held high and mouth shut. I didnt eat for the 10 days, I couldent get my mind off of Katie. The 6th nite i was there i knew somthing bad happend. My dog Hydro died of parvo. I was so depressed and didnt know how to express the feeling, I cryed every nite after that not only because of Hydro but I missed Katie and the out side world. The small room i was in was white and had a toilet, sink, bed, and a window with paint over it. Not seeing the trees or having fresh air and not seeing the the people you love will do alot to a person. But i got through it, but i soon as I got out I had my mom make a home cooked meal. Two days later i got to see Katie, I was so happy to see her but so disappointed in myself that my mistakes made not only me sufer but Katie too. As our relationship went on i started to open up to Katie with more of the real me. We had our ups and downs but we got through it because of love. A month later we broke up for good and I was so emotinaly messed up that i thought it was the end of the world because of the reson it happend I dont really know of all the resons for it but there was no problem between Katie and I that I know of but i still love her very much. I am determined to get her back.



© 2010 yoyob

Author's Note

love can come into your life just as fast as it can leave.........

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Added on August 6, 2010
Last Updated on August 6, 2010



I dont really know, NC

My name is Chase i like to yoyo and play guitar....... more..

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