Mole hills, mothers and flying shoes.

Mole hills, mothers and flying shoes.

A Story by zoehambridge

All relationships, wether it's siblings, partners or parents, have their fair share of arguments, wether your sister has scuffed up your brand new heels that you were saving for a 'special occasion' or wether your partner has ignored your calls for the past few hours, we will argue, it's in our nature, but the question that jumps out at me is what do we argue for? And is it worth it?
Let's take the first example those ( did I forget to mention they were vintage!) new shoes, so they're scuffed, completely ruined and thrown to the back of your wardrobe in your sisters intoxicated attempt to save herself and hide the evidence. There are a few options you can take at this point.
Option A) scream and shout.
Outcome) everyone else will shout, your mum will side with your 'sick' (hungover) sister and you will still be out of shoes and there will be tension in your house but you've made your point and she won't do it again right? 
Option B) Throw the shoes at her.
Outcome) She will have a hangover and a massive bruise. Double the pain, for your shoes sake of course not your own amusement and the disappointment that you were not invited out.
Option C) wait until she is sober, dosent have a headache and talk it through. 
Outcome) Cons- you will not see her suffer... (of course you wouldn't want that anyway! They were only shoes!) Pro's- she MIGHT apologise, offer to buy you new shoes and all will be well in your household.
The problem with us is you will probably chose either option A or B or even both and after a day or two wish you picked C.
We are all too ready to act on our tempers. And as my dear old mother often says 'don't make a mountain out a mole hill' 
It's only a pair of shoes, don't let it ruin your relationship. Plus there's the really cute pair you had your eye on at the local shop....

© 2012 zoehambridge

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Added on May 31, 2012
Last Updated on May 31, 2012
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