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due to the inexplicably lackadaisical reactions by the site owner, moderators & members of WC, who all complain in private but cannot band together to rid their creative space of a problem member... ... when the longevity of a habitual thief, liar [&] narcissist takes precedence over creativity & consistency in [distinct] phraseology, vocabulary, approach, technique & formation ~ you may as well start to question your own moral compass or grow yourself a pair of balls & stop whining in private messages to those who actually love their chosen art form & are willing to defend the integrity of their work [words] * when someone repeatedly spells follows as "fallows" or cannot form a coherent retort without resorting to profanity & flaming but tries to claim ownership of words she couldn't fathom in her dizzy, illiterate daydreams & you buy into it... start questioning your intelligence... ...auf widersehen, until [y]our problem returns 1. stolen poem ~ my original post~ 2. stolen poem ~ my original post ~ 3.stolen poem ~ my original post ~ 4.stolen poem ~ my original posts [which she butchered into one mess] ~ &
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