I write things that probably only make me laugh.

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About Me

Not online often, but often writing. Or just looking at memes. Sometimes both.


A wild Nakysha appeared!

What will you do?

Read story Follow Forever

Review Run Away

You've selected Read Story! Nakysha feels incredibly special and encouraged to update her chapters! Affinity up by 1! Personal Knowledge up by 3! Personal Knowledge leveled up to Lv. 2!

You've selected Follow Forever! Nakysha considers you to be absolutely crazy to follow her, but is happier than anything! Affinity up by 3! Insanity up by 7! Nakysha's Happiness up by 100! Nakysha's Happiness leveled up to Lv. 7! You have unlocked Nakysha's Secret Recipe for Writing!

You've selected Review! Will you use Positive Review or Hater Review?

Positive Review selected. You tell Nakysha how gorgeous and loved she is, and that she is an amazing writer! Affinity up by 5! Nakysha's Happiness up by 50! Nakysha's Happiness leveled up to Lv.3! Nakysha gives you inside info on her stories, method, and much more!

Hater Review selected. Nakysha shakes her head in disappointment, saddened by your words. You called Nakysha the WORST writer in the universe, and said she was fat. Nakysha looks down at her body, ashamed. It's a critical hit! Affinity down by 10! Nakysha's Happiness down by 150! Pure Hatred up by 17! Pure Hatred leveled up to Lv.8! Unlocked Seething Rage ability!

Run Away selected. Nakysha's eyes glint in the night, watching her prey attempt at escaping. She readies herself, and pounces! You have been caught by Nakysha! Nakysha's Happiness up by 30! Amount of legs down by 2! Fear up by 9001! Fear leveled up to Lv.Infinite! You have unlocked Eternal Fear!

Nakysha was defeated! You gained 14372 EXP! Level up! You are now level 42! Learned the move Return!

Used Return!

A wild Nakysha appeared!


The Author's Pledge:

I am an author by name

Reading and writing is my game

It is just so much fun

I'll do it till the day is done

Bring my pencil with me everywhere

People learn not to stare

If they do, I don't really care

I'll still bring it with me anywhere

Stay up late at night

Won't sleep until I get it right

I will get it eventually

You all shall see

If I'm writing, leave me alone

Don't text or call me on the phone

I won't notice if you do

Just wanted to warn you

I am an author and always will be

Because that's who I am, I am me

And I always will be

I'll continue writing for eternity.

(Paste this on your profile to take the pledge.)