"I Vant Your BLooD"  April 21, 2009 - May 13, 2009

Contest Completed


Count Dracula Award - Lust and Longing
Bram Stoker Award - [writing deleted]
Transylvania Award - [writing deleted]
Gothic Literature Award - Indulgent Psychopath vampire fright
Morbid Melodrama Award - The C**t of Domino Marenta
Literary Vampirism Award - Overture
Artistic Vampire Award - [writing deleted]
Bloodiest Vamp Award - Bloody sword
Darkest Vampyre Award - Bloody Revenge: A Hundred Ways To Kill.
Nightflyer Vamp Award - Hematophageous
City Vampire Award - A Vampire's Kiss
Country Vampire Award - [writing deleted]
Vicious Vamp Award - Passion of Your Blood
Crazy Damn Vampire Award - Vamp PyrE
Evil Vamp Award - [writing deleted]
Prowling Vampire Award - Flawless Design
Vampire of The Night award - Love of Eternal Bite
Apprentice Vampire Award - The Miss ion (Vampire A B C )
In Tranning Vampire Award - When Nothing Ever Happens
Twilight Vamp Award - Haiku Vampires\' Feast


VAMPIRES Writes only ~ I don't care if they're vampires from the west coast,east coast or new york city, they can be ugly, wicked, mean or pretty~stupid
smart,goofy or witty, etc...just make sure it's about VAMPIRES~ you may
send op to 2 pieces~ no long stories, chapters or bks please, poetry and short stories only ~ and have fun with it~ "I Vant your BLooD "


year supply of Dark Red~Blood that is


  Fran Marie
Fran Marie
Paris, KY


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