When Nothing Ever Happens

When Nothing Ever Happens

A Story by Ash Morgrimm

Quick Vampire story start. Enjoy!


“And here we have an image of a king cheetah. Take note of the thick black stripes along the spine …” Pandora, or Pan as she liked to be called by her friends, rolled her pencil over her desk. Why oh why sis she have to take this class. The teachers droning voice made her ears throb and her head spin. Leaning on her hand she let her eyes roam over the dull, prison like class room. Nothing exciting ever happened.

She pushed the droning voice of the teacher to the back of her mind. Why did she have to take these stupid classes? Why was she here? To become a vet and take care of rich peoples pets? What kind of life was that? Rolling her eyes along the edge of the blackboard she tried to imagine a reason why. Why did nothing happen? It would make life so much better and so much more fun.

“Please don’t forget that there will be a test on Friday.” Pan leapt up and shoved her things into her backpack, following the rest of the class out of the room. With a sigh she ran though her schedule in her mind. “Same thing as yesterday and the day before that.”

Walking to her car she saw some flyers stuck under the windshield wipers. Plucking one from under her car’s she looked it over. It seemed like whoever copied it didn’t know how to use the dopy machine. She dropped it on the ground, it was totally illegible.

Later that day she found herself at home. Even though she still lived at home with her family, it never held her back. In fact at times it was lonely because no one was ever there. Sitting in front of the TV she started to think about that flyer on her car. How come she couldn’t make it out? Suddenly she jumped and slapped her hand to her head.

“Oh god! I forgot to get the cheese!” Jumping to her feet she yanked on her jacket and ran out the door. She drove around for thirty minutes before she could find a store that was open. Pan parked her car and headed towards the store. It was so late at night that she was surprised that anyone was out. There was a small crowd gathered and it made her skin tingle in fear. The only thing in her mind was getting the stupid cheese so her parents wouldn’t get mad at her.

“Why am I getting so worried?” She asked herself as she pulled a container of American cheese from the refrigerator. “Nothing ever happens here.” She smiled and set the cheese on the counter as the clerk rang it up. Dropping a few bills she picked up her change and turned to leave. She stopped for a second because the group of people stood right outside the store door.

“Oh please” Flipping her hair she felt the confidence she needed and made them part the way for her. But even as her confidence got her that far, she never made it to her car.

“Hey girl, come here.” Someone called to her and she turned around to meet a foe she couldn’t back down from. The people who crowded around her seemed to act like first time couples. They were all over each other but their faces were pale white. When they smiled her heart was gripped in fear as their teeth were pointed and stained a light yellow.

They were vampires. Pan didn’t know this. All she knew was that she wished she didn’t leave the house for the stupid cheese. As they surrounded her, her mind began to whirl. So there were things out there. There was a reason. Things were happening. It really wasn’t all that boring here after all. As she thought these things a slight smile came to her face. Even with her smile, the vampires did not halt in their advance.

It wasn’t until she felt their cold, balmy hands on her neck and arms that she suddenly realized what was happening. The plastic bag with the cheese hit the ground. When she felt pressure on the side of her neck and the blood rushed to her head, the last thing that came to mind was “I am never going to make that test on Friday.”


© 2009 Ash Morgrimm

Author's Note

Ash Morgrimm
Hope you liked it! Tell me what you thought!

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Posted 10 Years Ago

I gotta say that was really good. I expected something to happen but not this, it was wuite a twist.

Posted 10 Years Ago

good intro to a story, you could probably expand on it easilly. particularly like how you did it from her pov, you could really tell what pan was thinking and feeling.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Ash Morgrimm

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A Chapter by Ash Morgrimm