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hardest lover of all [First Place]"hard lover" An Absolutely, Phenominal Poem - But I still love you
An Absolutely Phenominal- Poem [2d place] - I\'m Sorry I Did Not Stay
An Absolutely Phenominal-Poem/Write [3d place] - She Is The Latest End....
An Absolutely Phenominal- Poem/Write - Losing You
An Absolutely Phenominal- Poem/Write - Some thousand miles...
You have shown Excellence via words - [writing deleted]
You have shown Excellence via words - [writing deleted]
Amazing Poem/Write - False Promises
Amazing Poem/Write - [writing deleted]
Oustanding Poem - [writing deleted]
Oustanding Poem - My Favorite Part
Oustanding Poem - Rain Reminds Me
An Oustanding Poem - An Object of Faith
An Oustanding Poem - Past Memories
Very Nice write - We rhymes with lonely.
Very Nice write - [writing deleted]
Very Nice write - On the Edge of Inbetween
Very Nice write - Request
Really good poem/write - [writing deleted]
Best returning poem...... - Edited Virgin


i would like to get some hearts rev-ving and read some poetry about breaking up. whether you were cheated on or had to just walk away. divorce, seperation, losses [other than death, please] of the one you really cared about loved...shared life with.........best of luck.
peace and ink.....


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