7 line poem special-poetry-contest  January 11, 2013 - January 18, 2013

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Grammyy Award Winner - [writing deleted]
(The Immortal poet) - an unanswered question
(Magico Poet) - The Seventh Number
(Poet Charmer) - leave if you must, just
(Word-juggler) - 7th heaven
(Better than me) - Taming of the shrew
(Promising talent)) - [writing deleted]
(You are good) - Rhythm of the End
(Consolation prize for you) - just 7 lines mama just for you


Hello respected poets!
I would be happy to have your entries for our contest.
Please write in your own words a new poem having Seven lines. By seven lines I mean just that. :)
The topic of your poem can be anything....your creative freedom of expression. If you want to attach or include art work to your poem please make sure you paint/sketch/draw it no matter how simple. Its so easy to try and would be so fresh and nice.
The contest is open to all.
I will receive entries for seven days after which we will read them out and declare the winners.
The first prize: Your poem set to professional music arrangement and sequenced/played live, sung and mixed and uploaded here as a wave or mp3 file which you can download and share with everyone. Imagine your own song. You will also receive the minus-one (karaoke) version of your song so you can sing it at your own leisure, pitch and tempo whenever you and wherever you want to.
There are another six prizes for the follow-up winners and they are amateur sketches/paintings made specially for you based on your work in jpg which you can download and use.
So my good poets...please try and give it your best shot!
I shall personally review all your entries and write back to you.
Thanks in advance for your work, effort, time and acceptance.
Warm regards,


poetry-kiddo alienbaba
poetry-kiddo alienbaba
Shambala, North


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