Any Way You Want It  December 1, 2009 - December 5, 2009

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The best piece over all. - Christmas Shoes
Uberly amazingly awesome. - Ashes to Ashes
Uberly amazing. - Ascending
Uberly awesome. - [writing deleted]
I loved it. <3 - [writing deleted]
I liked it. - Building Blocks
Well done. - [writing deleted]
Give them a hand. Like a severed hand! No, just claps. - Dance
Give them a pat on the back. - They Smile Too
Give yourself a hand, but not a severed hand. - Damned to sin
Honorable mention. - [writing deleted]
Honorable mention. - Vertigo
Honorable mention. - `Ragdoll Puppet`
Honorable mention. - Keeping Me Here
Honorable mention. - The Roots Of Love
Honorable mention. - And The City Bleeds
Honorable mention. - [writing deleted]
Honorable mention. - Stars in His Eyes
Honorable mention. - [writing deleted]
Honorable mention. - my secret nightstalker


Write anything you want.
I want to see all the amazing poems everyone has writen!
Good luck! =D


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