Battle of The Writers!  December 11, 2017 - January 12, 2018

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helps me write ending to one of my books - Who is human?????
koodos, review on your top 5 pieces, help with creating a new piece of writing - [writing deleted]
reviews on top 3 writings, gives me a topic of their choice for a book/poem - Chapter 1: No Life, No Time
reviews your favorite 3 pieces, picks a topic for a short story - You After all
bragging rights, and 2 reviews on a piece of writing of your choice - The bomb that cleared my head


Show off what you can do!
If its poetry, give me your best poems.
A chapter from your best book.
Short stories are your thing? Give me your favorite.
Earn bragging rights!
AND you can help me write the ending to one of my book chapters if you win first place.


Reedley, CA


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