Be Experimental!  September 7, 2009 - October 15, 2009

Contest Completed


Experimental Masterpiece! - Mayhem Is Blind
Out of this World, Thinking out of the Box! - Erotica Universalis
It's Mental How Experimental this Really Was - The Most Beautiful Song
Experimental - [writing deleted]
Experimental - Dans le Ciel


I want to read the best expirimental pieces of writing you can create. I'm tired of reading the same old poems stuck in uniform rhyme with a uniform rythm and I'm tired of reading the same old love stories, vampire stories and vampire love stories. I want to read people trying something different and I want to read work that you have written outside your comfort zone! I want to read as you start to think outside the box and create something different.
I want you to create something abstract, something surreal, something that makes me think!

Why Enter?

The Non existant cash prize.
My Admiration.
I'm committed to reviewing every entry.
The chance to challenge your writing skills.


$0.00, My admiration, My affection, Pride and a little fame


Belfast (Currently based in York, England), Ireland


26 Contestants
26 Submissions
Created Sep 7, 2009

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