Best Poem Written While Suffering From Insomnia  February 24, 2008 - March 30, 2008

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Best Sleepless Poet - The Essence of Waves
Almost the Best Sleepless Poet - Edited Virgin
So Close to Almost the Best Sleepless Poet - My Virgin Heart's Love Contemplation
Sleepless Poet Whose Efforts are Not In Vain - Letters
Sleepless Poet Who Should Keep At It - [writing deleted]
Sleepless Poet Who Should Keep At It - [writing deleted]
Honorable nod to a good Sleepless Poet - [writing deleted]


Have you ever written a poem while you can't sleep? I often do, and would like to see what others have done late at night instead of sleeping, so send me your best.


The knowledge that your insomniacal labors are at least appreciated by someone.


A Small Town in, KS


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Created Feb 24, 2008

Murder on the Marsh
Murder on the Marsh
A young unwed tenant farmer will go to any lengths to get rid of his illegitimate child.
The Pernicious Portrait
The Pernicious Portrait
A stranger arrives at the gates of the St. Sebastian estate to remind the owner and his butler that the past never dies.