Best Political Satire Poems  January 16, 2011 - March 16, 2011

Reading and Deliberating


I want the world to wake up
one poet at a time
fill my head with worry
and be sure to make it rhyme
all you new age lovers
and you who feel the cause
open up your worried hearts
and state the ooohs and ahhhs
for I wish to find out
if there is a soul alive
who sees impending doom at hand
and can tell it's time to jive!
Send me your best warning
of politics gone wrong
fill these pages deep
with a new world order song.


Top 5 poets get published on my awesome personal blog with full credit where credit is due!


Go tell it on the mountain! Go tell it on the mountain!
Your 15 minutes of fame! Your 15 minutes of fame!
And the crowd roared! And the crowd roared!
Someone get you a soapbox! Someone get you a soapbox!
The frontpage awaits you! The frontpage awaits you!


anonymous, WA


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