Best Summer Novel For Series Writer.  June 17, 2012 - September 10, 2012

Contest Completed


1st Place Summer Best Series - Letters to Brandy
2nd Best Summer Series. - A Hunters Evolution
3rd Best Summer Series - Harvest
4th Best Summer Series - [writing deleted]
5th Best Summer Series. - Epic Grim (Beta)


Book series;
Have you written a best seller series (more than one book for the same Novel) If would like to show it off. This contest may be for you.

Rule Requirements are simple.

1. Have at least 1 novel completed and that you have planed to continue on ranging 1 to
9 books in the series.

2. Note: Each novel must have at least 375 pages or more per novel in the series.

3. Must use nothing smaller than 12 pt and nothing larger than 14 pt except for chapter
headings can be at least 16 pt.

4. Note chapters must be separated meaning (Do not contain all your chapters in one chapter) make chapters no more than five to six pages per chapter in Microsoft Word Perfect.

The People in the group Inked Pages will decide if this could be the next best series of the summer. As I narrow down the list to the best five and chose our summer winning series writer from these five.
1. leave a comment on the title page that you have read the book and why you think it should be placed in the final five.

Contest begins now June 17, 2012 and last chance to enter will be July 13, 2012. giving you a month to enter your best work. And winner will be decided depending on how many enter on August 31, 2012 will be the deciding date. I will then pick the best five of the series book that you have selected on September 10, 2012

Good luck and get writing, get reading and reviewing.
If not part of the group you are more than welcome to join.


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