i need some reviews now please

Santaquin, UT
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About Me

Updated January 17, 2020

In short

I am a Male 52 years of age and Permanently Disabled due to a car accident and suffer from seizures and Sever PTSD. So I have a lot of time on my hands. One of the reason I started writing. Many times people would tell me I should become a writer. I laughed at the idea, because I considered myself stupid because I couldn’t grasp the concepts of grammar which I really, really suck at, plus spelling. These two things alone made the idea inconceivable, plus I consider my writing dark, and uninteresting. So I fought with the idea, and put it completely out of my mind and focused on becoming a Chef and, found I was really good at as well as managing people.

By the time I had turned 30 I had gone as far as person could go in my chosen profession, and decided to do something else; which was getting involved in the computer age. My life was cut short because of a drunk driver running a red light. I never got the chance actually work in the field of computers. Yet I didn’t want to drop out of school after coming so far to get my Bachelor degree in Computer Science; so I finished it even though it was unlikely that I would ever work again.

Bachelor degree in Computer Science
AS Business
AS culinary Arts (certified chef)
Study of Arts and Literature

I received all these degrees At Utah Valley State College and have worked in the field since I was 8 years old in some form or another; to avoid recess until I was older to get a job in these fields of study.

Once again, I pondered the idea of writing after going through my high school and college papers, And after getting bored of sitting around playing video games. I revisited the idea of becoming a writer after finding several people that liked the stuff I was writing. But the problem I was having was I still sucked at Spelling, and Grammar. Writing papers were easy, and thought why the hell not. It’s not like I had anything else to do other then stare at 4 walls and contemplate how to end my existences. Drugs, Hanging myself or walk in front of a bus or train. I had many ideas on how I would do it and still do. Writing became my only drug that kept me from seeking out my own destruction.

It also gave me the idea of my first novel What’s behind the looking glass. Which soon became a series which I am still writing and now has been published and can be found at Barns and Noble website and on website, which is really cool; I still working the other following books in the series Plus a new Book called StarLight which is Pre Dates the Looking Glass Series. which I will post here on Writers Cafe for your enjoyment and feedback.

I would love to have lots of friends that review my hard work. Please leave comments regardless if you are just passing through and I love all the criticism as well as the help and I'll help in return.

If you would like me to read your novel please email me the title; I trade Novel for Novel no matter how large or small. Even though I lean more towards books for I have huge appetite for them (meaning I read a lot.) I do have a book of poems in which some I have used in my own books. I now have two published poems

1. To Be But A Rose.
2. Square Peg.

Come by and check them out. You can also find them in this year’s publication by World Poetry Movement Stars in our hearts whispers and Best Poets of 2011 series.

These are my books that I have written

New book Starlight ( predates my Looking Glass Series.

New book Masks Behind Shadows (book 2 in the series)

Coming of the Storm (book 3 in the series):
Morning Twilight (Book 4 in the series:

Single books in the works:

My Life (my biography)

Crimson Fire….


Poetry books:

Tic from Tack…….

I am tempted to post my first book Whats Behind The Looking Glass? even though it has been published if i get a enough comments stating some of you would like to read it.


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Posted 4 Years Ago

Send me some read requests. I've been slowly getting back into doing reviews. It has been a rough few years.

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Posted 4 Years Ago

I can see that. How are things going with What's Behind the Looking Glass?

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Posted 4 Years Ago

I'm still around.

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Your living quite a life. I can understand you because I'm currently in a wheelchair but not permanently. No matter how hard things get, your loved ones will always be there for you:)

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Posted 5 Years Ago

Hi. I enjoyed your profile. I think you are a very brave person. I also have a condition that will shorten my life and I am scared out of my mind. Thanks for sharing your story:)